I already saw that on Tumblr.
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Inches? I thought we were rating them on hotness.

They get me.
This is practically how I watch men’s roller derby

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The difficulty with describing emotions is called Alexithymia.
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Reblog this if you are literally suprised when people find you attractive.

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I forget I’m pretty a lot like I’m always in awe of my beauty when I catch a glimpse of myself on a good day forreal 

im the opposite. i think im hot shit then catch my reflection and im like nvm lol

f u c k


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… accurate.

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I’m beginning to know myself. I don’t exist. I’m the space between what I’d like to be and what others made of me. Just let me be at ease and all by myself in my room.
~ Fernando Pessoa (via quotestuff)
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does anybody actually use the new tumblr search function or do we all kind of grumpily put up with having to change the url from “search” to “tagged”

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