Rutgers University wrestler Conor Wasson ain’t got no shame in his game. From here it looks like he’s packing all that limp, so I imagine when he puts his girls in a hold they feel him for days. You know you’ve arrived when the first word that pops up after the name “Conor Wasson” in Google is “bulge”.

This bulge stud is the worlds hottest

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large musky wrestler

Buffet. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Hot Wrestlers- #19

  • Jesse Sorensen
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& people have the balls to say that Wrestling is all fake.

One of the reasons I love that Sheamus is so pale and doesn’t run from it; his skin shows EVERYTHING. It shows the smacks, the bumps, the bruises. Nothing is hidden… so when people say wrestling is ‘fake’. Yeah, the characters and storylines are fake but you can’t fake gravity. These people work hard EVERY day to make sure that, as physical as they are with each other on a weekly basis, they know how to draw back yet still make the (real) contact they make with each other look epic.

I don’t trust people who don’t at least have a little respect for professional wrestling as an artform and yes I’m dead serious.

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You don’t just eliminate Wade Barrett and get away with it. - The Royal Rumble,2013.

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I find this little feud thing quite sexy I must say.

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Antonio Cesaro. Sexy in any language. ;)

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Oh My G.. cutest thing ever!!

I just squealed.  This is beyond cute.

He’d make such a great daddy and an excellent father too. ;)

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