The most fucked up thing about racism is this. When you talk about it with white people, they always make the discussion about their feelings. About how they personally aren’t racist. All of these atrocities are happening to my people and the first thing you think about is YOU? And you expect me to believe you aren’t racist?
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Actor Danny Glover told the press during a stay in Paris for a seminar on film. “I couldn’t get the money here, I couldn’t get the money in Britain. I went to everybody. You wouldn’t believe the number of producers based in Europe, and in the States, that I went to,” he said. Glover’s first project as film director, is about Toussaint L’ouverture and the Haitian rebellion. The government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez approved nearly $30 million toward the movie. Don Cheadle, Mos Def, Wesley Snipes and Angela Bassett all agreed to do the film…if it can ever be made………………….

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White Until Proven Minority

By Lauren Anthony

It’s nothing new that western society tends to default everyone to white until proven otherwise. This is most common in books and radio shows where there isn’t a visual representation of the character in front of the audience. If a character isn’t explicitly stated as being a person of color, most people just assume the character is white. Things can get complicated when the actor portraying the character is a person of color but passes for white or if a character was incorrectly read by many people as white.

Read the full article at Fandom For Equality

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Yes, in fact. You created a blog ostensibly meant to allow people to discuss ideas. Seems like you only care about your own.


This blog wasn’t created for people to discuss ideas.

Lmao white people think all blogs made by PoC to commiserate our collective oppression at the hands of white supremacy were made for “discussion”, or rather “I’m going to unload my stupid unsolicited opinions about how wrong you are all over your blog.” Pathetic.

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California-born Mirai Nagasu (top, left) finished third at the US figure skating nationals over the weekend — yet failed to make the US Olympic team heading to the Sochi Games in Russia next month, in favour of German-born Ashley Wagner (top, right), who finished in fourth place behind Nagasu after botching both her short and long programs, falling twice during her free skate. Selecting the fourth place finisher over the bronze medalist is a "significant deviation from precedent". According to the New York Times, Wagner is more “marketable”: “With Lindsey Vonn out of the skiing competition with an injury, an absent Wagner would have left the United States without another visible star and medal hopeful.” Which is odd, seeing that Nagasu actually competed at the Vancouver Olymipcs in 2010 at age 16 and finished fourth overall, definitely positioning herself as a future medal hopeful and the only US contender with Olympic experience. In any case, the US will be sending three blonde women to the Sochi games, while Nagasu will have to watch on TV.

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Whitewashing Defenders’ Greatest Hits


"If you have to have someone who looks like you in the media in order for you to relate then maybe you’re the one who’s racist" 

"children don’t see/care about race" 




"Color doesn’t matter! It’s about the actor/story!"



"there are bigger issues to talk about than representation"



"they whitewashed because they need to make a profit and attract their target audience"


"historical accuracy"

"It’s a European fairytale/story so of course the characters will be white!"

"whitewashing isn’t real"




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White people in America are a trip… they exterminate the Native American and then try to dress just like them. What kind of necrophilia is that?

A Huey P. Newton Story

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No but seriously…it’s weird….

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white people: made fun of on the internet

black people: profiled in real life and can be killed for looking out of place in a neighborhood

yeah i feel u it really does go both ways

Just because you believe one is worse doesn’t make it okay to do either

"Believe one is worse".

Are you saying it’s a matter of opinion that being killed is worse than being made fun of on the internet?


white peoples feelings are apparently the holy grail. nothing is more important to them, ESPECIALLY not the life of a black or brown person.

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white tumblr be like “so just because someone white says they hate black people and they’re dirty ghetto and stupid and lazy worthless coons, now all of a sudden they’re ‘racist’ lmaoooo okay. now i get it. everything is ‘racism’ now i s2g”

The fact that this is somehow amusing saddens me. When will we become the “Human Race”?

Probably when someone builds a time machine and erases the centuries of white supremacy, and erases the present white hegemony and oppression people who aren’t white are living in now, so that white kids can stop perpetuating the same racism as their slave owning great grandfathers and stop benefiting from Black oppression because of an unearned inheritance of skin color, and people stop ignoring that and asking everyone to be “colorblind” and pretend these problems don’t exist while there’s a clear disparity and realize that ignoring that disparity only adds to it, why?


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