Naomi vs. Alicia Fox
WWE Superstars
September 26th, 2014 
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I died, OMG!! xD 

I just really need this on my art blog ok

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She straight up killed it, Hands Down. I know her parents is beyond proud of her.

Yes boo!!!

i live

Watch this baby slay the game in 14 seconds tho

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Just wanted to share this. Really love this version of Dearly Beloved.

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FUCK. IT. UP SIS!!!!!!

Mz 007 - Important

Get Into It!

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The Origin of the phrase “Women of Color”

Terms like ‘women of color’ are not just descriptions, but have political and ideological histories and current meanings. Here’s a clip of Loretta Ross, cofounder and national coordinator of SisterSong -Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, sharing one of the birthing moments of the term ‘women of color’.

“They didn’t see [Women of Color] as a biological designation… It is a solidarity definition. It is a commitment to work in collaboration with other oppressed Women of Color who have been ‘minoritized.’”

And remember, there would be no such thing as “Women of Color” without the political work of Black women.

One thing b-binaohan has said (and I’m sure many Black people) is that you cannot claim to be a “woman of color” without solidarity (ACTIVE solidarity) to Black people, Black women specifically. Remember dat.

You’ll wanna listen to this.

~Mod Colette

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MisSpelled is about five girls who mysteriously acquire magical abilities and how they learn to deal with them and one another. It’s funny and comedic and tons of fun for you and your friends. MisSpelled features an all women of color cast as well as a variety of body sizes.

I was hoping you’d spread this with the community. So often we clamor for more diversity in media and then projects like this (without the financial support of a network) fall by the wayside. Please help us keep MisSpelled alive!

We are gearing into our Kickstarter phase and need support from you! Please check out our awesome perks!

We also had the girls do a video on “Casting in Hollywood” which I think is a good piece for writers to keep in mind when writing for their shows.

Binge Watch Our Show


Episode 1

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Episode 4

Please spread the word! MisSpelled needs you! 

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