Kristen Stewart, Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Aniston, Katherine Heigl, Blake Lively and a whole flurry of mediocre white actresses (who btw play the same roles OVER AND OVER) are always offered roles. Meanwhile, Oscar nominated/winning black actresses (who have won other awards prestigious as well) are struggling to remain relevant. Just because there are a lot of black led TV shows coming this fall, that doesn’t mean the struggle is over or lessening. Many of these actresses have had to move onto TV roles or do both because they haven’t been offered enough (or appropriate) roles. 


But white folks too quick to say we have ‘enough’ roles for Black folks in media…

This just pissed me off. I mean, it’s not anything new or surprising, but just… the juxtaposition. Powerhouse actresses like Viola and Octavia and Angela and Kerry had to go to TELEVISION to be taken seriously (and even then some people don’t want to give them their props). This disgusting ass double standard… I can’t.

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Let’s talk about how adorable these two human beings are? (x)

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Today (September 10) is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Hang in there friends. We’ll make it through this. I love you.

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I don't know how to get my writing seen by anyone. I have a deviantART, facebook page, and a tumblr. What should I do?


Social media accounts are more the sort of thing you want to use to network with other writers, publishers, editors and any other writing aficionados. They’re not something you want to share your work on if you dream of being published one day because a lot of publishers won’t accept work that’s been previously published, which can sometimes include social media sites (although some are fine so long as you still own the copyright, so always check the fine print.)

If you’re starting out, then I’d advise taking a creative writing class if possible, because they can help you to build a portfolio and hone your writing skills. Even if you’ve been writing for years, it always helps to take part in workshops when possible, both to bounce ideas off other people, share techniques, pick up new ones and commiserate difficulties. If you can’t do one in person, there’s plenty of writing communities online and writing challenges like NaNoWriMo - or ones that are less intense, everyone’s mileage varies.

Once you think you’re ready, there’s the option of writing competitions. You can find these with a quick Google search, but this has something I’ve become more interested in myself lately, so I may make a masterpost of my own to share with people. Keep an eye out, if it sounds up your street! The downside of some writing competitions are they require an entrance fee if there’s a big prize, but I’ll try and list the ones that don’t require payment too.

Lastly, volunteer for things! I have mixed feelings on writing completely for free if you’ve graduated college/university and are trying to make a go of writing for a living. But if you’re still in High School or college/university, taking part in school and campus newspapers is a great idea if you don’t mind writing non-fiction. Of course there may be opportunities for creative writing if there are student run journals or the like, just keep your ear to the ground.

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The paradox of wanting a relationship but being so adverse to human interaction that you don’t leave your house unless absolutely necessary.

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Beyoncé and Jay Z in Portofino, Italy (Sept. 6TH)

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