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Nuel Mcgough for Reflex Homme magazine

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A trend that needs to catch on.

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So I wound up watching a bunch of the Monster High specials for work and I was astonished at how, I don’t know, progressive they were? Like at first glance it all seems like stripper stilettos and Bratz ripoffs, but the movies/shorts are surprisingly feminist, and how they covered pretty extreme topics ranging from resentment over scars on your arms/legs(even if it’s allegorical), to manipulative older men to the pressure to submit to boyfriends, what to do if adults don’t believe you when you report abuse, changing to be more popular at the expense of backstabbing your friends, how one’s heritage and culture should be embraced and not eschewed to fit in, but it doesn’t need to define you if you don’t want it to, there’s even a male character who actually willingly participates in their fashion and wears dresses a couple times and none of his male friends make fun of him for it, not to mention the whole “I deserve as much respect as anyone no matter what I wear” thing, like… I was pretty damn impressed, heh. I was sort of afraid that it would be sending some regressive and vapid “OMG FASHION~~” shit but who knew something so innocuous would end up being so progressive? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it’s there. Maybe it’s a good thing it’s so under the radar, delivering this sort of stuff to kids. If this is what is popular with 10 year olds… maybe their generation is not as far gone as we think?? I know this all sounds really hard to believe, doesn’t it? 

Frankie is my favourite character, she’s sort of a tomboy and is outspoken, even if she wears stilettos, which I find sort of cool

I really like the characterizations they’ve done with the MH shorts. I was kind of disappointed in the books (they felt very much like a warmed over withmonsters! version of Lissi Harrison’s first book series The Clique, not awful but way more designer namedropping and way less exploring and having fun with the idea of monster children in HS then I would have done) but the shorts are funny and progressive and pretty feminist. I think Mattel has come a long way from the talking Barbie that said math is hard, thank goodness! 

Also, this outfit is super cute and I love this rendering of Frankie. 

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the South Sydney Rabbitohs Rugby team.

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Bershka June 2013 lookbook

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