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Batgirl Future’s End.



Wow wow wow.
my feelings. I am feeling them. So many of them.

What an excellent way for Gail Simone to finish her run on Batgirl. 

Can’t wait to see what Babs Tarr does next!


Thank you so much!

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The world’s 85 richest people have as much wealth as the world’s 3.5 billion poorest.

This statistic was recently released in United Nations report that uses Oxfam figures. It’s also a huge wake-up call for anyone who doesn’t consider income inequality a major issue in global politics.

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I feel too much. That’s what’s going on. Do you think one can feel too much? Or just feel the wrong ways? My insides don’t match up with my outsides. Do anyone’s inside and outsides match up? I don’t know. I’m only me. Maybe that’s what a person’s personality is: the difference between the inside and the outside. But it’s worse for me. I wonder if everyone thinks it’s worse for him. Probably. But it really is worse for me.
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She’s never where she is…She’s only inside her head.
~ Janet Finch, White Oleander (via introspectivepoet)
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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
~ Leo Tolstoy
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There is no greater evidence of how tragic things are for dark-skinned women in Hollywood than the fact that they can’t even get hired to play dark-skinned women.

Marc Lamont Hill on the casting of Nina Simone

Because this sentence breaks my heart while filling me with joy. Because dark-skinned women are creating our own work and need not be left to a “Hollywood” standard. Because we stand on the backs of those who came before and serve as a bridge for those who follow.

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Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.
~ John Eldridge
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You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.
~ Jonathan Safran Foer
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Like with any kind of therapy, playing a videogame that happens to tell a story similar to your own won’t always be helpful. They also don’t always help their designers. O’Neill emphasized that developing Actual Sunlight didn’t do anything for his mental health. But there’s the hope that maybe one person can see the serious subjects depicted in a game, realize others feel the same way, and that it’s okay to talk about it and get help or to seek support. Each of these developers mentions that they’ve gotten reactions from players, saying that the game has helped them in some way. Whether or not there is any professional value in using games as therapy, there is some benefit to some people. That could be enough.
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