I have a very hard time trusting fitness minded folks in general because a good chunk of the ones I’ve encountered are fat hating pieces of shit who only believe that one body type is the way to ‘health’ and have been a detriment to my mental health


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We all have that one character that you obsess over for months on end, but they slowly fade away into a special place in your heart as you discover other passions. Then the moment you re-discover that one character, the love comes back one hundred times as strong and it’s like they never left.

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november is like the Thursday of the year

My birthday’s on Thanksgiving this year. Which is Thursday. In November.

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when straight people enter queer safe spaces


and then feel the need to voice their opinion on queer topics 


and say things like “I have a gay friend” and use that as some sort of way of gaining credibility


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“I don’t care if a Diva is a nice person, if they are not good at Wrestling then their niceness does not excuse them. “Oh but Kelly Kelly was so nice and went out there with a smile.” No shit. That was her JOB as the one-dimensional and goody-two-shoes babyface. Obviously she wasn’t going to come out frowning and scowling was she? Kelly Kelly couldn’t wrestle, or talk on the mic and her incompetence level is sky high and her niceness and smiling face doesn’t excuse her for it.”

Hashtag: BLOOP.

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