*impromptu dance party to FEMM*

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Today is an “I wish I’d never been born” kind of day.

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I fall apart again and again.
~ renamok, Six Word Story
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I have a tendency to look for myself in others, meaning I sculpt my worldview through my interactions with others. For someone as introverted as I am, I enjoy the idea of people. I’ve been in groups of people of supposedly like-minded people of similar temperament but each time I always feel so alien. I feel out of place. It starts with annoyance and grows to outright disgruntled dislike. No matter the group, be it in real life or online, every group I’ve tried has ended up a disaster. I’m starting to fear the common denominator is me. :(

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The more I try to feel “togetherness” with other people, the more alone and unwanted I feel.

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I don’t know if there’s anything quite as annoying as someone trying to correct you or debate you about things you live and know, that are empirically supported, and that are generally agreed upon by the people most closely involved. Like, can you not interject your own personal bias, the oh-so sacred “opinion”, when we’re trying to get actual conversation started?

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I have a cousin who is a mix of New Black, Ankh Nixxa, and conspiracy theorist. He says he’s Muslim but out here reading Dianetics. I dunno, man. Sometimes we’re on the same wavelength but most of the time I wanna be like, “Nixxa, what?!”

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I am really shy, borderline asocial, and not too fond of people in general but I still wish I had more friends irl. The small group I have is unable to hang out tonight and I’m majorly bummed about it.

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Wonder what it feels like to be someone’s number one…?

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