Do you ever wonder if the people who look at you in passing can see your cracks; those tiny fissures created over the years that belie that brave front you put on to face the world? I imagine, if people could see mine, it would be reminiscent of one of those expensive vases— shattered in some household calamity — pieced back together with superglue and frustration in some sort of grotesque pastiche of failed humanity. I am the hollow shell of a once promising life. The meager intelligence, wit, passion and ambition I possessed have been crushed under the foot of oppressive, soul-consuming depression.

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4 hours ago on 30 July 2014 @ 4:39pm 3 notes

No, but, I really do want to make comics. Sucks about the shitty drawing ability tho.

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1 day ago on 29 July 2014 @ 1:40am 2 notes

My brother gon mess around and catch these hands if he keep fucking with me.

2 days ago on 28 July 2014 @ 6:17pm 3 notes

I can’t see a future for myself… Like, I can’t see myself years from now or even months from now.

I need to get out of here.

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5 days ago on 25 July 2014 @ 6:58am 1 note

really what it is is i want someone to love me because i”m so shit at loving myself. i want to do for someone the things i’ve always wished someone would do for me.

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6 days ago on 24 July 2014 @ 1:30am 2 notes

If you wouldn’t mind, please spare a kind thought, prayer, incantation, etc. for my family and I as we deal with the death of a loved one. Thank you.

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1 week ago on 22 July 2014 @ 9:28am 3 notes

this self-loathing shit is so tired. and i know that it’s stupid and i know objectively speaking that i’m not human garbage and yet i feel totally worthless.

what kind of shit is this?

1 week ago on 20 July 2014 @ 2:13am 2 notes

Haven’t been posting much the last few days because I’m in Fort Worth at my uncle’s death bed dealing with major family drama. Should be home soon, though.

1 week ago on 18 July 2014 @ 3:31pm 2 notes
Money can buy you a house but not a home; sex, but not love; a clock, but not time; medicine, but not health; insurance, but not life; a bed, but not sleep; a book, but not knowledge; a status, but not respect …
3 weeks ago on 6 July 2014 @ 12:12pm 3 notes

Current Mood: half-empty bottle of whiskey and a dog-eared copy of The Bell Jar.

4 weeks ago on 1 July 2014 @ 8:35am 1 note