You’re beautiful, graceful, like no other
Pretty damned good as you are - Xizi She Knows 

I’m totally and utterly in love with Imogen Heap’s new album Sparks. It’s been on repeat for the past couple weeks. In celebration of the album and her live streamed  performance later today, here’s some Imogen Heap art from me.

I’ve wanted to do an Imogen Heap piece for so long but haven’t been able to do anything I’ve really loved/wanted to share on here. I still haven’t nailed the likeness though. This piece started out as something completely different (full body pose, simple style with lots of green) and slowly morphed into what it is now. I could refine this some more but I have some big secret projects starting up and can’t spend anymore time on it. Need to thank wscottforbes for helping me with the shading/other tiny bits.

Run-Time         The Walk           Tidal                Me the Machine   


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"The High Priestess Of SOUL"

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Warpaint // Love Is To Die

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G.R.L. - Ugly Heart

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Dawn Richard | Bombs. ♥

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Kimbra - Miracle

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Lauryn Hill - Black Rage (Sketch) (New)
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percussion perfection

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The song is Day By Day from the album 60’s Japanese Bossa Nova

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Artist: The Green Tea (그린티)
Song: Little By Little (조금씩)
Album: Single “Little By Little (조금씩)”

I thought I was going to listen to a French-themed song at first but it quickly switched to a warm jazzy bossa nova feel! This song gives you good feels everywhere and simply relaxes you even in your most stressful times. It also sounds like a summer, something that seems far away but will be here for many of us in due time!

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