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And then you’ll have your third great grandchild before passing away quietly in your sleep.
~ Aunt Wu to Katara (via drinktea)
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“I will make no such promises”

color meme: Jinora in orange

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airbabies kicking ass

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My friend pointed out that the fortune teller told Katara that she would die peacefully in her sleep when her fourth grandchild was born. And if Tenzin and family are really going back to the Southern Water Tribe…I’m crying guys.

Actually just went back and watched that episode. Aunt Wu tells Katara that she will pass away in her sleep after her third great grandchild. 

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Reblogging because it got better.

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OMG Korra.

No spoilers… but wow. WOW. It was worth missing it last week to get to have it be so utterly amazing this week.

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they really are going to tease us about that plot hole forever, aren’t they?

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Meelo. ♥

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