The”INFMETRY” DIY Astro Star Laser Projector cosmos

This star projector projects a map of the heavens onto your ceiling and walls with thousands of stars in random order.

Featuring a rotating base with compass-point alignments, it is possible to set up your AstroStar by aligning it according to your location and the time of the year, so it can project a map of the clear night sky all around you. You can also change it to the accurately track movement of the heavens as the year progresses. 

Powered by a couple of AA batteries and 110V~240V power adpter.

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Dreamworks vs. Disney


I recently made this blog post about the upcoming Dreamworks movie, Home. I’m excited for it because I love animated movies and Dreamworks. But really got me extremely excited for the movie was the lead character, Tip.


You guys know me. I am always dying for representation. Not only does Tip look great but she’s voiced by Rhianna who sounds fantastic. Also, Jim Parsons is the alien. I mean, what is not like?

In that post, I made a jab at Disney saying, "Your move Disney."

And I stand by it.

Disney had a really bad track record when it comes to POC characters.  Both Pocahontas and Mulan  are extremely historically inaccurate and somewhat offense to Native Americans and Chinese people. Hell, I know some Chinese people who hate Mulan just because of what they did to their culture.

And Princess and the Frog? As much as I love that movie, that movie is beyond problematic. First, Tiana doesn’t get to be born royalty. We have to make her poor. Lets also get her a funny, white sidekick who will hog most of the attention! Her hair, instead of being curly and bouncy, she stuck in a bun. And of course, she is a mother flipping frog for most of her movie.

Not only that but the last four princesses we got were white. The last two were cardboard cuts of Rapunzel! Hell, even Wreck It Ralph, which I adore, focused on a white man! Do you see what I’m getting at here? And Moana isn’t coming out until 2018! I have to wait for four years while Home is coming out in 2015!

Another thing about Dreamworks is that I feel like they are trying when it comes to character design. They are able to make them females look different while still maintaining their sense of style. Look at Eep, the last heroine from The Croods.


Eep is muscular. She doesn’t have a slim, petite waist line. She’s different. She stands out and she’s memorable. At the same time, I related more to her than I did Anna. I know what it’s like to butt heads with your dad and her awkwardness seemed real while Anna’s seems forced.

Lets also look at Fiona.


Fiona is a major bad ass and I was in awe of her when I first saw her movie. She chose to be an orge so she could be happy. She gave up her good looks for love. She isn’t a typical Disney princess and that is great! I know girls who can relate to her more than the Disney princesses.

The Dreamworks characters are also somewhat more relateable than the Disney princesses. Lets take a look at Hiccup from HTTYD


Hiccup is disabled.  In the first movie, he looses his foot and has to use prosthetic. And he is the hero. A disabled hero. You guys don’t seem to understand how important that is. There are so few animated characters who are disabled and stay disabled. And the thing is that he gets to still be the hero despite that. They didn’t have some magic bullshit for his foot. He lost it and he isn’t getting it back. But he doesn’t let this stop him. He doesn’t dwell on it, he goes forward.

I love Disney but as of now, it seems like they only care about white people. The POC princesses hardly ever have their own merch. Hell, me and bunch of tumblr people had to ask Hot Topic to get a Tiana shirt. We get one and the design is crap! There are other POC who aren’t in the Disney princess line but Disney doesn’t care about them and the Disney fandom ignores them too.

The thing about Dreamworks is that they are trying and taking risks. They are giving us females who are strong yet flawed and beautiful in their own, special ways along with a hero who is disabled. At this point in time, I have more faith in Dreamworks than Disney.

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