its ok if you didnt always know you were trans 

its ok if you really felt like your designated gender. its ok if you really were a boy or girl at some point. its ok if you really would rather view your transness as changing from one thing to another (instead of a process of revealing what was already there). its ok if you didnt know that you were trans when you were a kid. its ok if youre only just starting to think about gender stuff now. its ok if you approached transness deliberately, experimentally, as a conscious choice. its ok to approach your gender as mutable 

it doesnt mean your transness is less valid or like the gender you are now is less “real” just because its not something youve always been perfectly aware of. youre great and powerful and whatever you want for yourself in your future right now is important and worthy no matter how long youve wanted it 

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Mareep —> Flaaffy —> Sinaries (Trade w/ Ominous Horn, Male only)

Electric / Dark


Artist: sylver1984

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'they' is a gender neutral pronoun. and therefore nonbinary, or at least not-necessarily-binary

ze/xe/ce/fae/etc. are nonbinary pronouns… but they are not gender neutral. they are *specifically* nonbinary. they are gender-specific like he and she, perhaps not in as consistent a way, but still.

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you use singular they all the time

someone’s knocking on the door, i wonder what they want

there’s a person waving their hands at me from over there but i can’t hear them

does mysterycop follow you? i love their username

can you tell whichever person was in the bathroom last to please close the door behind them on their way out?

they IS properly, officially used to refer to a single individual person, quite a lot, in a plethora of different scenarios

all the opposition comes when it’s suggested that you can still use they once you’ve seen the person or heard their name, because you know someone’s gender once you’ve seen them or heard their name, of course

the opposition is not grammatical

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Don’t refer to Andrej Pejic as a male model, don’t refer to Andrej Pejic using male pronouns, stop doing whatever it is you’re doing in regards to attempting to commodify and reinterpret trans/androgynous/gender non-conforming amab people’s identities to suit your desire to see and glorify cis men in women’s spaces and cis men celebrating and performing femininity when both cis and trans women can’t do that without ridicule and marginalization, thanks.

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Disney Princes… ish

After seeing these awesome edits by “thecrownedheart”, I just had to make a few of my own. So here’s a few edited screenshots of our lovely Disney ladies… as men. :D 


So, this is the best version of this that I’ve ever seen and I’m kind of really screaming because I want a gay prince so badly that I could taste it. I’mma have to write that shit, I think. How, tho? Are there even any fairytales left?

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"You could be forgiven for believing that the fedora just materialized on a dude’s head one day, perhaps after he successfully inserted 12 separate ‘get me a sandwich’ jokes into a single piece of My Little Pony erotic fan fiction. But the hat’s real origin was entirely unrelated to Applejack and Gilda discovering their repressed love: It got its name from the 19th century play Fedora, in which actress Sarah Bernhardt wore a stylish, narrow-brimmed women’s hat while playing the lead, Princess Fedora. Female fans of Bernhardt picked up the style, which soon became an early symbol of women’s liberation. Only later did fedoras become associated with menswear. In other words, like those Satanists who unknowingly wear an ancient Christian symbol around their necks, MRAs have picked the wrong symbol for their movement and should try adopting something new.”

5 Awesome Things With Inexplicably Bad Reputations




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Who cares if someone thinks they’re trans and then decides they’re not gender identity is weird and young people should be allowed to explore it

Seriously. Self-definition is a continuous process. It’s particularly volcanic when you’re young, but you never reach some kind of static place where you are now the person you’re going to be until you die. And thank God for that—how boring, how terrible, how soul-sucking would it be to be incapable of changing and growing? Learning something new, discovering something interesting to like, talking to someone you haven’t met?

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gender is absolutely a social construct and even if it weren’t and gender were determined by genitals are you seriously going to put “but SCIENCE!!!!” in front of millions of actual living people’s feelings and comfort and desire to be treated like the gender they feel they are because if you do you’re pretty fucking scummy and heartless lmao

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yo automatically labelling every guy wearing a dress genderqueer/trans* is harmful, because what you are basically saying is that no man can ever engage in femininity -  whereas women have been wearing trousers and suits for years and yet those traditionally masculine items of clothing are ‘gender neutral’.  you’re trying to break down archaic gender roles but you’re just enforcing them in a different way.  masculinity is not neutral.  c’mon.

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