I made a thingy that will hopefully settle the fire~

And here we have something called the actual bullshit album, including such tunes as, ‘but country of origin (even though for most of them they aren’t in a specific country but a made up fairytale lad based on a place)’  ’kids don’t see color (even though they do’ and ‘I have no fucking idea what representation is’ with bonus track ‘i’ll mention people asking for hair color, like it’s at all similar’.

It’s the smell of wonderful bullshit in the morning!

"You say there aren’t enough darker-palette princesses, so I point out all the different type of white! There’s ivory, eggshell,pearl, vanilla, etc…"

White folks: please leave PowerPoint out of your short-sighted, ignorant ass foolery, please. Some of us still have to use that program NOT to embarrass ourselves on the internet.

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My cousin just shared this on Facebook 

people who smoke a lot of weed r really fucking annoying about it at times

Sounds like someone’s a hater.

sounds like some one has a drug problem

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  • Cis Lesbian: We hate penis and that's why we won't have sex with trans women
  • Trans woman: Not all trans women have penises so you're being transmisogynist with that statement
  • Trans women: Wtf, we don't even want you, you're gross and a bigot. And you stereotype us.
  • Cis Lesbian: WHY DO YOU HATE WOMEN.
  • Trans women: *walks away*
  • Cis Lesbian: why does everyone think I'm transmisogynistic
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Poor white cis folks, won’t someone think of their feelings?

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"We teach bottoms to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to bottoms, ‘You can have femininity, but not too much. You should aim to be MASC4MASC, but not too MASC otherwise because you would threaten the top.’ Because I am bottom, I’m expected to aspire to always keep the bussy clean. I’m expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that keeping the bussy clean is the most important. Well eating chipotle can be a good thing— It can be a source of joy and love and life support. But why do we teach bottoms to avoid chipotle when we don’t teach tops the same? We raise bottoms to see each other as competitors, not for jobs or for accomplishments— which I think can be a good thing— but for the attention of tops. We teach bottoms that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that tops are. BOTTOMinist: the person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the bottom"

-Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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My Thoughts From Facebook Concerning Support of Duck Dynasty and Anti-Queer Bigotry

I don’t give a “duck” about some faux dynasty or some overblown non-issue of a controversy. Miss me with that mess. Like it’s in any way shocking or new. I’m so bored by this crap. And people wonder why I restrict the television I consume so drastically. In short: shut up. The people who agree with old dude are probably always going to and those that don’t won’t. End of this pointless discussion.

Freedom of speech in the modern vernacular is most often used by the obtuse as an excuse to be bigoted ignorant assholes. But let you say one thing about someone they like and it’s a whole different story.

He said what he said and the people who pay him felt a way about it. Such is life. Freedom of speech works both ways.
Remember when TLC was “The Learning Channel” and A&E stood for “Arts and Entertainment”? Give me a bunch of docs and bios on important actors and artists, not garbage. Plebeians. De gustibus non est disputandem.
I’ll support your right to speak stupidity when you support my right to call you out on it.~ And with that I bid you all a fond adieu.


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Wow, this is quite possibly the single most infuriating, bigoted and biased post I’ve ever seen on this fucking website.

Evidence that ~tumblrizing~ something doesn’t automatically make it right.

This is hilariously ignorant. I bet the person who made it thought they were being so cute and trendy when they made it, too. Fuck outta here with this bullshit.

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In a poll done by Zogby International earlier this year, commissioned by BET founder Robert Johnson, 28 percent of blacks agreed and 55 percent disagreed that gay rights are the same thing as rights for African-Americans. Yet homosexuals have hijacked the civil-rights movement. And in doing so, they have interjected the very values that are destroying black communities. Let’s take back our movement. Rebuild black families by restoring the centrality of traditional Christian values to black life. Only support politicians who sign onto this agenda. And give black parents the choice to get their kids out of public schools and send them to church schools.

Star Parker: Homosexuals Have Hijacked The Civil Rights Movement From Blacks

(via sugaronastick)

And fuck us black queers straight to hell, right? Fuck that noise.

The gay rights movement isn’t the same as the black civil rights movement, but they are both movements to attempt to bring some semblance of equality to marginalized, disenfranchised folks.

Also, newsflash: not all black people are Christians.

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But what’s really funny is when u don’t have time to post a developed thought (assuming you have one) but have all the time in the world to respond to “pressed” individuals in regards to reactions to that (baiting, insulting ass) post.

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When people talk shit about Johnny Depp as Tonto;

  1. He has native American relatives. His great-grand mother was either a Cherokee or a Creek Indian.

  2. Of course he’s too odd to be an actual native American, it’s stated in the goddamn movie that he’s a nutcase, by his own clan. It’s a part of his goddamn character.

  3. Yeah, they could’ve picked an actual native American for the role, but honestly - did you see the movie yet? He was basically created for the role. He did a magnificent job as Tonto.

Now I know this will cause a shit-storm but I’m sorry, I’m not hearing crap about white-washing or him being a bad indian. I mean, are we gonna talk about what happened to Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series? How come that didn’t raise a shit-storm? She was black until she was important and was just magically turned white. At least they tried with Johnny, with make-up and what have you.

And as mentioned, he is a bad indian on purpose. No, I’m not a huge Depp fan either and was actually rather disappointed he was picked as Tonto (not to mention the fact that they just had to shove Helen Bonham Carter into the movie as well Jesus fucking Christ), but he did a magnificent job at it nonetheless. Case closed.

He MAY have ONE native relative.

This is the one representation we’ve had in years and he’s being a “Bad Indian” on purpose.

It’s a disgrace.

Actually, among the established fandom that Lavender Brown shit was a HUGE debacle and still is. All of this, ALL OF IT, is whitewashing. Johnny Depp clearly identifies as a white man, regardless of his genetic make-up, and despite whatever ancestry he might have he still passes as white. When a white or passing person is cast as a person of color and then ‘darkened up’ or ‘painted’ to look more like (white Western and dilluted) ideals of a culture, that is WHITEWASHING AND RACIST AS FUCK. There are POC aching to be included in their own narratives… and it’s 2013 and this shit keeps happening? And we’re supposed to be fucking okay with that?! REALLY?!

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