"you ugly mayonnaise bitch"

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Andrew Hussie


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Wtf is a shitoris? Like y’all need to stop coming up with new names for y’all’s stank musty assholes. Like what’s next a vaganus???

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tw: sexual harassment

White privilege is never being cornered by an elderly man at the age of 13 so he can tell you that he “likes Asian pussy” and that he wants to “try out your tight Asian c*nt”.

White privilege is never running home in tears, hoping that your mother can offer you some words of peace or safety after the incident, but instead she cries with you because she has faced the exact same thing throughout her life and now realizes that even her own daughter isn’t safe from such comments.

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In which the only purpose of a female videogame character is to be a sex object for male gamers

this is absolutely disgusting.


if i get any angrier i’ll probably start pissing acid

i’m not a misandrist but this is why men can’t play video games, they’re always distracted by sex.

Filthy male casuals, only care about cute women in their games and don’t value gameplay. Get back in the garage and fix my car.

Look at out outraged they are when a female characters’ tits aren’t busting out. lol They tell us that her style of dress is no big deal when we complain about it, but look at the reaction when that’s taken away!

PS: For those who don’t know or can’t tell from this picture, this character is also a Black woman, arguably the least attractive kind of woman for a self-entitled white dudebro who faps over games like Dead or Alive… Just ask Rochelle from Left 4 Dead 2. There’s a reason why so many in that fandom hate her and love the college-aged white girl.

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someone pls drag

see what i mean……..

seriously whoever made this needs to die

What the fuck is wrong with these sad ass stans these days? North and Blue are babies (albeit babies with some eccentric, fantastical ass parents). BAY-BEES. Blue’s parents are both visibly black. Her hair and facial structure are visibly black as a result. SHE’S JUST TWO YEARS OLD? Y’all want her to rock micros or a lacefront? Leave her the fuck alone. She’s adorable and looks happy and pampered as fuck. We should all be so lucky. North’s an adorable lil’ girl too, but she’s lighter… but because of her parents and the unspoken stigma regarding biracial children, she’s already going to have a lot to contend with growing up. In short, shut the fuck up about these BABIES with your GROWN IGNORANT FUCKING ASSES.

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You wanna know why a lot of people hate Ke$ha?

Because she’s unapologetically racist. The fucking end.

I don’t give the slightest fuck that she’s a “certified genius” or that she writes her own songs. She does racist shit and then expects people to feel sorry for her when the backlash for those actions come. That’s why I (and a hell of a lot of other people) can’t stand her ass.

Stop acting like every single person who doesn’t like her is just a “hater”.

Also! Transmisogynistic/phobic and honestly not that talented. Writing yer own songs doesn’t mean shit if the lyrics contribute to oppression

writing your own songs also doesn’t mean much

when they suck

and ur a racist

literally it just means we know EXACTLY who to blame for being a racist transmisogynist douchecanoe. 

There was also that ‘stealing from charity’ shit she did towards the beginning of her surge to stardom.

Writing your own music, even if it’s genius (not an issue here AT ALL), would not excuse any of the aforementioned behavior.

I’ve never seen it for her for MULTIPLE reasons.

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white people: made fun of on the internet

black people: profiled in real life and can be killed for looking out of place in a neighborhood

yeah i feel u it really does go both ways

Just because you believe one is worse doesn’t make it okay to do either

"Believe one is worse".

Are you saying it’s a matter of opinion that being killed is worse than being made fun of on the internet?


white peoples feelings are apparently the holy grail. nothing is more important to them, ESPECIALLY not the life of a black or brown person.

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i love (and by love i mean despise) the wording of this

it’s like heavily implying that somehow the school is some poor downtrodden institution and woe that morals in this nation have slipped so far as to allow transgender people to exist and be accepted in public!

FORCED to wear skirt, unlike the true morally correct exam clothing consisting of half a mime outfit and some clown pants

"because of equality laws"

school FORCED to treat pupil as human being rather than faceless statistic

Oh wow poor school, having to respect someone’s wish to gender-identify as they so choose. OH THE HUMANITY. 

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The asshole holding the sign that says You Deserve Rape is Dean Saxton, he attends the University of Arizona and goes by the name of “Brother Dean Samuel”  That’s also him with the racist ass “Ghettopoly”

Per the comment on Buzzfeed

“I can’t wait till he graduates college and a future employer finds all this crap. No one’s going to want to take on this sexual harassment/racist liability. I say we KEEP publishing this stuff, KEEP his name out there, and ensure he dies in a gutter with only his disgusting sign to keep him warm.”

What better place to put it than tumblr?

Please reblog

Maybe we can make this the new “Mitt Romney sucks pass it on”

I don’t know how i feel about this, obviously rape is horrible and can ruin people’s lives and racism is no good, but do these people really deserve to have their lives ruined because of what they said/pictures? Somebody should just beat them up ruthlessly or something.


dean saxton is a rape apologist and a racist

Dean Saxton rape apologist

Dean Saxton is evidently not just a rape apologist and racist, but a proud and public rape apologist and racist. So awful.

Make this the first thing people find when they search this ass douche’s name.

Dean Saxton is probably a rapist and most definitely racist. 

Here are some facts about him:

  • He is a junior at the University of Arizona
  • His full name is Dean Saxton IV
  • He “preaches” (spews) hateful, bigoted vitriol every day on campus
  • He has a blog (TW for Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia, rape apology, victim blaming, antisemitism, slut-shaming, fatphobia, body policing, and so much more. All of that was in the first couple posts.)
  • He has a Twitter (TW for the same)
  • His blog lists an address for people to send donations so he can go preach in Europe this summer. The address is CMUSA, Bro. Dean, 2402 Longview Dr. Columbia, MO 65203, the base of Campus Ministries USA, a disgusting and bigoted organization.
  • He tweeted this picture of himself, which I present without comment

this guy goes to my university and he’s yelled slurs at me and many women who walk past him, not to mention all the other shit he’s done

theres also a petition to get him expelled and if youd like to make my campus a better and safer place i’d really appreciate it

Signal boost this shit, this guy needs to be stopped!

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