Adorable! She’s beautiful! @treasuredm #luvyourmane #blackisbeautiful #naturalhair #naturalhairsistas

this bebe!!!!

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this literally looks like a dramatic reenactment of hades abducting persephone triggering winter

I don’t know what’s gayer, the photo or the description

I rather like the idea of Boy!Persephone. Hmm…

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Like mother, like daughter.

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playing pokemon as a kidimage

playing pokemon as an adultimage

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Congratulations to Adam “Edge” Copeland and Beth Phoenix for their first baby!

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friends turned lovers is literally my favorite trope - like, all other tropes can go home.

give me shared inside jokes that date back to wayyyyy before a first kiss was ever shared. give me living together with separate bedrooms until one of them gradually becomes unnecessary. give me confused reactions from people who already assumed the two of them were dating. give me arguments over what counts as an anniversary because should we start at the date we met or the date we became friends or the date we got over our stupid selves and finally started kissing?

give me stories that show the line between friends and lovers is a really, really thin one - that appreciating the friendship that two characters share doesn’t mean you can’t ship them really damn hard too. that you can keep all the awesome friends-being-assholes-to-each-other stuff and add on all the shippy stuff to get something extra special awesome.

give me all of that.

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Congrats to @kidfury & @crissle for an amazing 1st year of #TheRead! #TheReadNYC

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Lupita Nyong’o’s brother, the real winner at the Oscars 2014

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