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I set her fake name as “Princess” every time, just for irony’s sake.

More owo


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Illustration by Ward Brackett for a short story titled Rendezvous by Daphne Du Maurier, Cosmopolitan, June 1959.

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Nintendo gave Samus neon urine yellow high heel jet boots and supermodel make-up and a boob job, so I decided to try my hand at taking my own Samus design and adapting it for something a little Smash Bros-friendly.

I wanted to play with the idea of “exposure,” a gameplay concept introduced at the tail end of Zero Mission, where Samus invades a Space Pirate ship sans Power Suit, and has since been used as a means of sexualizing the character — what once was a testament to her ability to work under difficult circumstances quickly became a symbol of emotional fragility and “nakedness,” which I never felt befit such a character.

Rather, I went more the “exposed circuitry” route with this, not dissimilar to Iron Man and his more incomplete rigs. Everything is relatively makeshift, looking like it’s part of a greater whole which was never completed. I abandoned the whip (because it was stupid), made her boots look less stiletto and more “bipedal nuclear tank,” and give it all a color scheme reminiscent of her traditional Power Suit.

In a perfect world… I still wouldn’t have a chance at designing Samus on an official capacity! But it’s a lot of fun thinking about “what-ifs,” and even more fun taking frustrations I have with Metroid’s creators and channeling them as something like this.

i did a thing that took me longer than i expected

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Disney’s Moana (2018) - Moana Waialiki

#i just really want her to have lorde’s hair mmkay

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So my girlfriend commissioned our incredibly talented friend, celestedoodles, to draw us for our anniversary! I have the most loving, adorable, sweetest, biggest-hearted partner I could have dreamed of. And I remember how lucky I am every single day. I will make Omaha happen this year. We will be together and we’ll be unstoppable. I cannot wait until we don’t have to say goodbye anymore.

I love you, my girl. We’ve come so far & our love is truly amazing.

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