Black bra

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Fashion hunter.

Did I already post these?

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Aerial - Joseph Ford

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On a trip to Sicily, Mauritius and Morocco photographer Joseph Ford spent several days flying around over all sorts of terrain in a helicopter. After showing the aerial pictures to some friends they suggested shooting a series mixing fashion and landscapes. Juxtaposing clothes and aerial landscape, the piece of work was selected for the Association of Photographers Awards in the UK and had an Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards.
The combination of images creates a fascinating interaction, highlighting the appeal of each image, which would have been less remarkable on their own. But by identifying an unexpected relationship with other images each picture develops a gripping impression.

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It’s no MYSTERY how awesome these guys are

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The majority of what I draw is pulled from my personal life be it random thoughts that pop up or actual stuff that happens to me. Although the colors are digital, I still stick to using good ol’ paper and pen for my cartoons. I simple believe that there can never be enough brown girl cartoons. - Yagazie Emezi

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


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It’s spooky tea time! Pumpkin-chan is getting witchy.

Print available here

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Happy National Dessert Day

when i was a kid i loved this art style!

Very flower-child-esque. I love it.

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Power Girl, Batgirl, and Vixen by Artgerm | Stanley Lau

I am in LOVE with that Vixen redesign omg

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Persona Q P4 Part 4

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