Cannot be stressed enough.

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5 Tips To Get Inspired


1. Figure Out What Inspires You 

What are the reasons for why you want to succeed or accomplish something? What inspired you in the first place? What made you took the first step? Was there a time when you felt inspired? Was it something that somebody else said or did that inspired you? What keeps you going? What is the message you’re trying to get across? Who inspires you?

2. Figure Out What Dis-inspires You and Do Something About Them 

Once you figure out what inspires you, there are things that discourage you as well.  When you are discouraged, ask yourself what is discouraging you? What made you feel discouraged and uninspired? Why are you feeling discouraged? Can you do something about what made you feel discouraged? What will you do? 

3. Do Something Else 

If you’re seriously discouraged and is having second thoughts or is procrastinating, then you might want to consider putting your mind off the thing. Go for a fresh air. Do something else that you enjoy. Follow up on an old passion.  Give yourself some time to re-evaluate the situation and figure out what it is you truly want. 

4. Surround Yourself With Inspiring/Positive People 

It’s hard enough to even have a dream and fight for it, but worst when you start believing the words of people who try to put you down. Be around people who genuinely care about your success, believe in you and contribute to your success. Some ways to do this is to share your dreams with others, determine the reactions of others, and attend inspiring seminars. 

5. Be Open to Mistakes 

We sometimes hold ourselves back, because we do question our capability. For example, as I am writing this article, I worry about how helpful it would actually be for others. But I also think about those that would find this article helpful, and how this is also a chance for me improve on future articles or share my experiences etc. So the point to be more open is to recognize your intentions, to not worry too much about the expectations, and just reminding yourself of the big picture. 

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"Keep drivin’ thru that motherfucker."

he can drive through this pussy like a mother fucker

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So it’s 2014.


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Some Steps you can Take to Improve your Mood


1. Make a list. Sometimes we get depressed because we feel overwhelmed by all the things we have to do but haven’t got around to doing yet. Simply making a list can be a huge relief as you’re starting to bring things under control. That alone can help to lift your mood.

2. Take action. You’ve made a list, and you still feel overwhelmed? Then get started on the first thing you have to do. Is it a big task? Break it down and just do the smallest task possible. That way you’ll feel you’re starting to make progress.

3. Exercise. You don’t need to do a serious workout. Just going for a walk can change the way you feel.

4. Get out of the house and do something. Staying home all day can really get you down. But we often feel much better if we change environments.

5. Play some lively music and dance to the beat. Crank up whatever music you like to listen to. But choose something that’s happy and makes you sing along.

6. Talk about it. Getting things off your chest can make a big difference. It can also help you work out the reasons you feel down.

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Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.
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Questions to Help You Figure Out Your Future


1. What are some things you like to see or have in your life? List them. Set up a plan to work towards getting each one. 

2. What kind of lifestyle do you want to lead? Describe how you would like your life to be like in 1 year, 2 year, 3 year and so forth down the line. Pay attention to your progress and small changes that occur. What would you be doing each day? 

3. Since you need money to survive and live the lifestyle you want, what is an ideal job that accomplishes those? How are you going to get there?  

4. What are your bucket list? This question sort of relates to question 1, but bucket list are usually more about 1 time things that you’ve done whereas things you like to see or have in your life is more permanent. For example, a bucket list might be to Travel, whereas something you like to have could be a house, an expensive car, a significant other or so forth. For bucket list, write out as many things as you could think of no matter how silly they are. 

5. How are you currently progressing towards your desired future? What are you currently doing now that’s getting you closer to your future? 

6. What are some things you are doing now that is moving you away from the future? What could you do instead so you could move in the right direction? 

If you guys can think of more, feel free to add to this list. Tag me at neurolove and I will reblog yours! 

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How exactly do I love my self again?


Loving yourself isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time unlearning the societal constructs that are in place to tell you you’re not worthy. It also takes a lot of time to unlearn what your own mind has done to trick you. 

Loving yourself starts with finding positivity in the little things that you like about yourself and slowly building on them, surrounding yourself with people who see those good things (even if you can’t see them yet) and getting rid of those who are toxic and add to your self hate.

Loving yourself means making a conscious effort every day to try and find SOMETHING you like about yourself even if it’s not physical.

Loving yourself means realizing you are worth happiness, love, affection and kindness and you deserve every bit of that. 

You are beautiful and you are amazing and sometimes it takes work to see that- but it can happen.



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always dress the way you’d want to look if you suddenly became the main protagonist in an anime

this is so inspiring

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