#BigDickBarrett is back in action!!

He popped a boner ‘cuz he was so happy to actually have a wrestling match

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Wade Barrett- bulging and looking sexy, even while in pain

….and your package is killing me, Mr. Barrett! …and that’s good news! :-)

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FMK: Wade, Mason, Sheamus

Well shit. lol

Marry… damn it, I can’t marry Wade AND Sheamus, can I?


Marry Sheamus (because I do love him)

Fuck Wade (because who wouldn’t?)

Kill Mason (but it would be the best way to go, I promise)

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CM Punk + Rivals

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Bad News Barrett don’t give a shit.

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You have a VAGIIINAAAAA!!!

I’d totally do the female Punk & female ADR.

This photoset proves you can give a Diva a gimmick that doesn’t pertain solely to their gender (I feel like Emma and Bayley are good real-life examples of this; anybody can be a clumsy dipshit who can’t dance or a socially awkward mark).

Also, girl!Christian has rockin’ tits.

Always reblog this photoset. I think this may have been the thing that made me start making OCs… other than my CAW’s that have followed me from game to game. Anybody else do that?

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