The Queen of Harts :)


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"Natalya… What can I say? She is by far, one of the best, if not THE BEST Diva on the roster. She deserves more than what the WWE gives her. Hopefully her being on Total Divas changes that. She deserves a shirt too, in my humble opinion."

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I miss this look. ♥

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“Being a third-generation Diva is actually history in the making, but my family didn’t make me who I am today. Don’t compare me to my dad, my uncles, or my grandfather. Everything I’ve earned is on my own. I am the only Diva whose blazing her own trail.  I am confident in my abilities. I’ve done my homework and am ready to spread my wings. I’m proud of what my family has accomplished, but I’m the first Diva of the Hart family to step in the squared circle and defend ‘The Dungeon’ and what my grandfather taught.

Happy Birthday Natalya 

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Anon asked 9 favorite photoshoots of Natalya?

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And now I ship it because that’s just too much cute not to…

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