well damn I don’t think I’ve seen a more disappointing rumble 

not a bad one 

just a disappointing one

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Will this help anyone out? There is NO date of when this was posted, there is ALWAYS a date when tweets are posted, also side note, Jeff can’t go to WWE for 90 days after leaving Impact, so he can’t be there till March or April.

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New gear seen at Royal Rumble 2013

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So, you guys remember that ‘once in a lifetime’ match between Cena and Rock last year at WrestleMania? Well…

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I Like John Cena But Im TIRED Of Him Winning Shit Somebody Else Should Have Won



My thoughts exactly.

This is kind of a problem with a lot of the big name faces, isn’t it?

It really is. Like, I think it’s good to have a nice chunk of time on the top if you’re over like that, but I still think at some point people have to be courteous enough to let someone else have a chance. And that’s not saying they could never have another run like that, but certain people monopolizing the main events and title runs is just… it’s stale. 

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I just want to share some love for my babes who put on an amazing show tonight. Kofi, Bo Dallas, Sheamus, Jericho, GOLDUST!♥, Ziggles… Everybody showed up, showed out, and showed off!

Now, if only someone other than The Incredible Hulk John Cena had won, it would have been damn near perfect (oh, and Kharma returning would have been amazing as well).

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I Like John Cena But Im TIRED Of Him Winning Shit Somebody Else Should Have Won

My thoughts exactly.

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Kharma nailing Dolph Ziggler with the Implant Buster during the 2012 Royal Rumble. Kharma was only the third woman to ever compete in the Royal Rumble and one of the few ever to compete against men in the WWE.

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John Morrison escapes elimination in the 2011 Royal Rumble Match

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