• white people are not the bad guys
  • Christian people are not the bad guys
  • Republicans are not the bad guys
  • straight people are not the bad guys
  • cisgender people are not the bad guys
  • rich people are not the bad guys
  • men are not the bad guys
  • racist, bigoted, homophobic, ignorant, selfish, and / or rude people are the bad guys

dear social justice bloggers

Buuuuuut most SJ bloggers already know this shit, tho?

Like, this is another example of “But we’re not all like that!” and I really have no room in my heart to harbor such a thing.

  • White people are NOT all bad guys… but the social constructs of the white default, white supremacy, and white privilege ARE.
  • Christian people are NOT all bad guys… but the Western world caters specifically to their beliefs and immediately stigmatizes (whether subtly or overtly) any differing ideas.
  • Republicans… Like, I don’t even know if I can go there with you, because that party right now is so far to the right it’s not even funny. It’s being controlled by wingnuts and bigots and it’s, like, not even an opinion because it’s provable? Like, I don’t have the energy for that one right now.
  • Straight people are great, sure. I mean, whatever. But living in a heteronormative, heterosexist world where my sexual orientation is still treated as a taboo, a joke, or a quaint little quirk to use as dinner conversation ISN’T.
  • Cis folks are aiight, I guess… But, again, living in a cisnormative world that denigrates trans bodies and experiences, makes tasteless jokes at their offense, and does nothing to stymie the systematic murder and oppression of transpeople (trans women especially… trans women of color particularly)… Well, I’m just not cool with that. Sorry.
  • Rich folks aren’t inherently evil. They are inherently privileged and they should acknowledge that. They should also know that, whether their wealth came from nepotism or hard work, they are LUCKY and that everyone else isn’t always as blessed. And yeah, they could tip a little more generously and give to charity whenever possible because the rest of us out here struggling.
  • Men aren’t inherently evil. Hell, I’m a man (most of the time…). But we live in a patriarchal society where everything defers to the tastes of the white, straight, cisman. You aren’t hurting for representation. You aren’t being murdered for who you are. You aren’t being pigeonholed in horrible situations because of the circumstances of your birth. You are privileged. Because I pass as cis and read as male, I have privilege. Whether you actively abuse it or profit from it unaware, it’s there, it’s real, and you need to acknowledge it.

I don’t get posts like this… because at most, we’re hurting your feelings but you could literally log off and live a relatively happy life whereas most of us here who talk about these things and tend to be antagonistic towards the groups listed above have LIVED EXPERIENCES and several centuries worth of history that fuel us.

You don’t have to actively have to be evil to be a villain. You don’t intentionally have to be an asshole to be part of the problem.

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You wanna know why a lot of people hate Ke$ha?

Because she’s unapologetically racist. The fucking end.

I don’t give the slightest fuck that she’s a “certified genius” or that she writes her own songs. She does racist shit and then expects people to feel sorry for her when the backlash for those actions come. That’s why I (and a hell of a lot of other people) can’t stand her ass.

Stop acting like every single person who doesn’t like her is just a “hater”.

Also! Transmisogynistic/phobic and honestly not that talented. Writing yer own songs doesn’t mean shit if the lyrics contribute to oppression

writing your own songs also doesn’t mean much

when they suck

and ur a racist

literally it just means we know EXACTLY who to blame for being a racist transmisogynist douchecanoe. 

There was also that ‘stealing from charity’ shit she did towards the beginning of her surge to stardom.

Writing your own music, even if it’s genius (not an issue here AT ALL), would not excuse any of the aforementioned behavior.

I’ve never seen it for her for MULTIPLE reasons.

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like slate has another article which is a rebuttal to the dude at the Atlantic who wrote a piece saying “you can be anti-gay marriage and not be homophobic! you gotta hate gay people to be homophobic”, and slate’s stance is “no, that’s totally homophobic, obviously”

but then at the end of that rebuttal, they close out with that “still, you gotta be really nice and polite and sweet to bigots and oppressors or they’ll get really mad that you called them out for what they are” kind of shit

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white folks and cultural appropriation go together like peanut butter and jelly.

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Once again, for all those too damn obtuse to grasp the concept….

RACISM: Prejudice + Power = Systematic Oppression Of Minority Groups. Simple as that.

Then racism means jack shit and nobody cares, pimp. You don’t like your self-defined “racism”…go somewhere where you are the majority. The world is not required to accommodate your morally relative beliefs, fix your own problems.

If that’s what racism means, then I don’t care about racism. I think it’s okay for white people to have power in our own countries.

Don’t expect white people to care about racism if white victims are excluded from it. What’s in it for us? White people have a point of view. White people have interests and aspirations. We have the right to look out for ourselves first. And you’re suggesting that white people should abandon all self-interest and focus exclusively on helping blacks.

If “racism” is blacks feeling like the man is keeping them down, and “prejudice” is whites being beaten and killed by non-whites shouting racial slurs, then I contend that “prejudice” is worse than “racism” and whites should shift focus on that and stop worrying about “racism”, because it’s not as bad and it’s not our problem. The whole argument about “power+prejudice” begins from the assumption that there’s something wrong with whites having power in our own countries. Blacks have power in Africa & the Caribbean. Every part of the planet is dominated by one race or another, but it’s only whites who are made to feel guilty about it.

Four reasons why the Tumblr defintion of “racism” (“prejudice+power”) is stupid

It’s become very fashionable in the last decade to say that you can’t be racist against white people because racism = prejudice+power, and since only whites have power, only whites can commit the modern world’s cardinal sin: racism. I think there’s a few flaws in this argument, which I’d like to outline below:

1) It’s not actually denying that what I call anti-white racism exists. Rather it’s saying “yes that does happen, but we don’t want you to call it “racism”, we want you to call it “prejudice””. Whether you call it racism, prejudice, or a cheese sandwich, it happens and as a white person I’m concerned about it. You’ve not provided any argument as to why I shouldn’t be concerned about it, you’ve just provided a tautology about what word you’d prefer me to call it. If “racism” means “white people having power in specific parts of the planet” then I assume that racism is acceptable.

2) It’s trying to conveniently redefine the word “racist” to fit a biased “progressive” political agenda. The word “racist” has been around for 80 years and has never included this caveat of “can only be committed by white people”. Why do “progressives” assume the English language should be subordinated to facilitate their political goals? What they’re trying to do is control language, which controls thought, which is ultimately trying to make it impossible to even conceive of anything outside their “progressive” paradigm. The phrase “Institutional Racism” already exists to describe their “prejudice+power” version of racism. The existence of the phrase “Institutional Racism” demonstrates that racism doesn’t need to be institutional. They’re assuming that Institutional Racism is the only type of racism, and it’s not. The purpose of this is to trick white people into thinking they should feel guilty if white people are the majority anywhere, to make us support mass immigration into our countries so we can stop being so racist. It’s completely self-fulfilling, because if these people weren’t coming into our countries in the first place, it wouldn’t be a problem.

3) Having a ranking system whereby you have different words for prejudice against different groups which have different levels of seriousness, with racism against X having a less-damning word and racism against Y having a more-damning word, is itself racist, because you’re saying that some groups are more important and deserve more protection than others. It’s attaching a different value judgement to different races, as if non-whites are “worth more” and whites are just cannon fodder for equality. If racism is bad, then it’s bad for all races. White people have feelings too. Whether we’re a minority, a majority, powerful or powerless, we still exist and still have the right to exist as a people. We still have a culture and a heritage and an identity that we have the right to protect and assert in our own countries, and the right to be free from all forms of racism, institutional or otherwise.

4) White people only have power in some parts of the world, namely Europe, North America and Australasia. Other races have power in other parts of the world, namely Africa, Central and South America, Polynesia, the Caribbean, the Middle East and East Asia. So if I accept that there can’t be racism against the dominant group, and the dominant group in Europe, North America and Australasia happens to be white, then presumably the argument is “you can’t be racist against white people in Europe, North America and Australasia”. By this argument, there can be racism against white people in Africa, Central and South America, Polynesia, the Caribbean, the Middle East and East Asia (ie most of the world), since whites are not the dominant group there. The International watchdog Genocide Watch has been warning the whites in South Africa are facing genocide for a number of years. Whites do not have power in South Africa, and elected black politicians routinely sing the genocidal song “Kill the Boer” which incites blacks to kill whites. Presumably you can be racist against whites in South Africa, since whites are a minority there. They never clarify this, which makes their conception misleading. Because they only ever care about “racism” in white countries. They only ever want to undermine ethnic power-structures that benefit white people. They don’t criticise Arabs for having too much power in majority-Arab countries. They don’t criticise blacks for having too much power in majority-black countries. They don’t criticise Indians for having too much power in India.


White folks, y’all tickle the shit out of me.

Racism against white people. It is to laugh. No, really. 

If you want to call that exceedingly rare shit ‘racism’, whatever. It’s not like I can stop you. I just find it more than a little ironic… or, rather, oxy-moronic. Nowhere in my post did I say that shit wasn’t a problem, but fuck NO it isn’t racism and I don’t give a rat’s fat ass what the fuck YOU or people LIKE YOU think. Eat a dick and stay mad.

By the way, “specific parts of the planet” include pretty much every inhabited continent and many countries therein.

Language CHANGES. Just because you put some shit on paper, it doesn’t mean that term can no longer be redefined. If that were the truth, “gay” would still mean “happy” and not “homosexual”, now wouldn’t it? I’m not going to fucking type the phrase “institutional racism” every single time I want to discuss the phenomenon… ESPECIALLY since this shit MOSTLY happens to PoC.

You can’t be ‘racist’ against white folks because THEY FUCKING OWN AND CONTROL THE WORLD. Economic, political, cultural influence… they fucking have it and I’m not going to sit here and Google all the myriad of examples and reasons why. Instead of being so staunch in your certitude that poor white folks have it bad and don’t nobody know the troubles you’ve seen, why don’t you do some goddamn research on more than your ‘trusted’ sites?

"White people have feelings too."




Asian people do make up the majority of the world’s population… and China has become a superpower… BUT THAT DEVELOPMENT DOESN’T ERASE THE CENTURIES OF WHITE CONTROL. White people literally stuck flags around the world and set about either killing or assimilating people of other cultures because they felt them to be less-than. 

NO other culture has as much inborn entitlement as white people do. None. They infringe upon EVERYTHING. They appropriate EVERYTHING. They DERAIL conversations that AREN’T ABOUT THEM because they AREN’T ABOUT THEM.

I mean, IF what you’re saying about SA is true, that’s awful… but is it any more awful than the atrocities of apartheid? How about the other well documented episodes in history where white people just so happened to subjugate or obliterate various different cultures in their pursuit of manifest destiny?

Here’s the thing: there are some culturally and racially homogeneous countries and regions… and YES a lot of these places have nasty prejudiced viewpoints. I’ve heard and seen evidence of anti-black racism exhibited from various Asian countries. I’ve seen anti-Asian and anti-Latin@ racism from black people… However, that goes back to the colonization thing. Did the Chinese just show up on the shores of Wales one day and claim it as their own? Did the Iraqi or Afghan people pop up on European soil and spread disease and death? Did South African people go to France and say “Oh, hey. This is ours now. Look what we discovered!”

I don’t think so. I think that’s mostly European history, isn’t it?

But hell, I don’t know and really, I don’t give a shit. White folks will believe whatever the fuck they want because they have the PRIVILEGE to. And I haven’t got the time or patience to put up with your revisionist ass opinions anymore.

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The Original ‘Sapphires’ Join Protest Over Sexist, Racist DVD Cover

Anchor Bay, the distributor for film “The Sapphires” new DVD came under fire last week after an image surfaced of its U.S. branded DVD cover. Released in 2012, the award-winning film was applauded for its portrayal of The Sapphires—Naomi Mayers, Beverly Briggs, Lois Peeler and Laurel Robinson—and their struggles against sexism and racism in 1960s and 1970s Australia. 

The existing DVD cover, intended for Australian audiences, prominently features The Sapphires, played by Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Shari Sebbens and Miranda Tapsell, with their manager, played by Irish actor Chris O’Dowd, standing behind them. But in the new U.S. cover, the female actors are blurred into a blue background while their manager is thrust center stage. 

O’Dowd was among the first to come out against the DVD cover last week, saying via Twitter, “it’s ridiculous, it’s misleading, it’s ill-judged, insensitive and everything the film wasn’t.” 

Now, the original Sapphires are also protesting the new cover, and calling on the NAACP for support. In a letter sent on their behalf, they say: 

“As I’m sure you can appreciate, the treatment of people of colour in Australia mirrored much of the trauma to which people in the United States were subjected. That trauma - and much of that treatment - remains alive and well in Australia today, as I know it does in the United States.”

In response, activist Lucy Manne began a petition, which has already garnered more than 10,000 signatures.  She hopes Anchor Bay will change the cover artwork before its release this week. 

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I should not, do not, and will not have to quantify the truth for others’ consumption.

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Okay, seriously? So what If Eva Marie and JoJo Offerman suck in the ring? It’s new to them! Would you want people hating on YOU for not being all that good at it? Hell, I’m giving them a chance! JoJo’s only 19! She has lots of time to improve, and Eva? Well she is a hard worker that has her GOAL to improve. Enough with the hate, WWE hired them for their acting, in-ring work will eventually happen. Enough already.”

The reason people are pissed about this?

Because they have an entire developmental system where some women spend YEARS honing their craft, and some of them never make it to the main stage.

Then these two pop up outta nowhere with no wrestling background whatsoever…

This isn’t Hollywood; we’re not looking for Emmy-worthy performances from the wrestlers (although it is very awesome when we get them). Their primary function is to fucking WRESTLE. If you’re hired as a wrestler but can’t wrestle, then what the fuck is the point?

Are they hiring guys for their “acting talent” (i.e. code for “good looks”)?

Are they bringing random guys right in and putting them on the main stage?


Then why the fuck should they be allowed to do it to the women without any critique? Miss me with this bullshit. Stay mad.

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I love how everything is so upset and offended that Johnny Depp is playing a Native American. And to be honest, it’s hilarious because a majority of the people that are complaining are teenage white girls. Nobody said anything when the Wayans brothers mocked and played white girls in White Chicks. Johnny also played an Italian in Donny Basco and no one said shit about that. He has native blood and that’s all that counts. This all means a lot to him and is very serious about all of it. He made this movie with the best intentions and people are turning it around and trying to make it way more than what it is. He isn’t racist. He is a damn actor. And he’s obviously going to fucking act. You’re ignorant and need to find better things to do with your time.

No it doesn’t count that he (maybe) has native blood.

There are many natives like me who are really infuriated by this.

Okay, OP, you must be fucking kidding me.

First and fucking foremost, white people SATURATE all media. A lighthearted sporking of American celebutante culture by POC is in no way comparable to years of blackface, redface, or outlandish Orientalism in the media. In no fucking way humanly possible. So, there’s that.

Secondly, MOST Europeans (including Italians) fall under the umbrella of white. If you don’t understand that, how white people exotifiy and exalt Euro-centrism, then this is definitely a conversation you’ll be wanting to see your way out of because you already look like a poorly written joke. So stow that shit and shut the fuck up.

An infinitesimal drop of (alleged) Native blood doesn’t make you the fucking spokesperson for that people. Native people EN MASSE are pissed off at this shit and the insensitive representation this shitfest of a film provides. That’s all the fuck you need to know. People directly affected by the representation of Native people in popular media HATE THIS SHIT. THAT’S ALL THE FUCK YOU NEED TO KNOW.

And that bullshit throwaway line of “only teenage white girl sjw’s are pissed about this” can miss me all the fucking way to the moon. SIT DOWN WITH THAT LAZY ASS DISMISSIVE DERAILING SHIT.

If Johnny Depp and Paula Deen have proved anything here recently it’s that race is still and probably forever will be an issue because white people are just too goddamn obtuse to see the point: your INTENT doesn’t fucking matter if what you’ve done is CONSTANTLY interpreted as racist. The act is racist. The person may not be, but the action certainly is and there is no PLAUSIBLE defense for it. At all. At. Fucking. All.

Again, he’s not a spokesperson for all Native people who are completely within their rights for being pissed off about this. If you do not get that, you do not get to continue on in this ‘conversation’. Take your ‘opinion’ and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

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When people talk shit about Johnny Depp as Tonto;

  1. He has native American relatives. His great-grand mother was either a Cherokee or a Creek Indian.

  2. Of course he’s too odd to be an actual native American, it’s stated in the goddamn movie that he’s a nutcase, by his own clan. It’s a part of his goddamn character.

  3. Yeah, they could’ve picked an actual native American for the role, but honestly - did you see the movie yet? He was basically created for the role. He did a magnificent job as Tonto.

Now I know this will cause a shit-storm but I’m sorry, I’m not hearing crap about white-washing or him being a bad indian. I mean, are we gonna talk about what happened to Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series? How come that didn’t raise a shit-storm? She was black until she was important and was just magically turned white. At least they tried with Johnny, with make-up and what have you.

And as mentioned, he is a bad indian on purpose. No, I’m not a huge Depp fan either and was actually rather disappointed he was picked as Tonto (not to mention the fact that they just had to shove Helen Bonham Carter into the movie as well Jesus fucking Christ), but he did a magnificent job at it nonetheless. Case closed.

He MAY have ONE native relative.

This is the one representation we’ve had in years and he’s being a “Bad Indian” on purpose.

It’s a disgrace.

Actually, among the established fandom that Lavender Brown shit was a HUGE debacle and still is. All of this, ALL OF IT, is whitewashing. Johnny Depp clearly identifies as a white man, regardless of his genetic make-up, and despite whatever ancestry he might have he still passes as white. When a white or passing person is cast as a person of color and then ‘darkened up’ or ‘painted’ to look more like (white Western and dilluted) ideals of a culture, that is WHITEWASHING AND RACIST AS FUCK. There are POC aching to be included in their own narratives… and it’s 2013 and this shit keeps happening? And we’re supposed to be fucking okay with that?! REALLY?!

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