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I wish that storyline lasted longer :(

Didn’t realize until just this moment how fucking delicious Hunico is.

Also, that was one of the only male-centric story lines I even cared about recently. Mostly because anything involving lucha libre and demasking is always interesting to me. I also wished there were more of a cruiser-weight presence in the company. It’s like the WWE doesn’t care about anyone but the big name guys and Kelly Kelly… Oh wait. That’s exactly what it is, isn’t it?

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FAVOURITE 2012 WRESTLING MOMENTS → Kharma enters the Royal Rumble [x]

#I want a Kharma/Dolph feud

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9 Reasons to Bring Back The Cruiserweight Championship.

More than a brand split, more than a unified world champion, more than Big Show retiring, I want the return of a cruiserweight division.

…Maybe not more than Big Show retiring.

I want this and I want the Women’s Championship Belt back.

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The worst (Cole) and the best (Kharma) entrant of the Royal Rumble! Was there live, and marked the eff out! Kharma gets a pop like nothing any female has ever gotten before! My favorite moment of the Rumble by far! -Antonio

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¡Aye, Dios mío! Papi chulo es muy padre y guapo. Quiero su pinga.

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Epico, Primo and Hunico hit a Codebreaker, backcracker and a senton bomb on Jey Uso


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FCW star Hunico may be moving up to the main roster in the future. He wrestled a non-televised match in front of the live audience with Justin Gabriel before WWE Superstars was recorded. 

It’s been a while since we’ve had any other luchadores besides Rey in the WWE. Well, we’ve got Sin Cara now, but still…

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