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I honestly do not care about Rihanna and Chris Brown being in the same place at the same time breathing the same air and I’m fucking sick to death hearing about it…

If they’re together, if they aren’t together, I don’t give a fuck. It has nothing to do with me (or any of us) and I’m tired of the ‘scandal’ of it all. Would I hang out with someone who beat the shit out of me? Nope… but I don’t know them or their story or their hearts. I hate Chris with the blazing fire of a billion suns and I’m not a big RiRi fan, but at the end of the day they’re people and I want for them what I want for most people: wisdom and growth and ultimately peace.

That’s pretty much the last I have to say on the subject. Other than I don’t think Chris is sexy in any regard whatsoever, but that’s neither here nor there.

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Kharma’s baby tragically died before birth


From TMZ.com

WWE star Kia Stevens (aka Kharma) did not deliver a healthy baby boy on December 31st, despite what she told friends. Kia tells TMZ the child tragically died before she was able to give birth. 

Kia tells us she is still devastated over the loss … and initially lied to friends about the child being “healthy” because she was incredibly emotional and was afraid to tell the public the truth after announcing her pregnancy on live TV.  

Kia says she’s finally coming to grips with everything … and wants to help other women in her situation.

“I am planning to start a foundation for women that have experienced the same thing” … Kia says … adding, “It’s a bigger club than people think.”

Kia tells us she’s already organizing several events to raise awareness … and will have information about her foundation available on her Twitter page in the near future. 

You can send any messages of condolences to Kharma via her Twitter @Kharma

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Today On TDW: Gossip —

  • Above: Toddlers & Tiaras’ Alana “Honey Boo Boo Child” Thompson and her mom, June Shannon, dress in matching outfits for Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show.
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