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  • In response to my answer to the ever-popular question of "Why isn't there a White Entertainment Television?"
  • Facebook 'Friend': so.. black people arent entertained by those channels too?
  • Me: Oh, they are, but beyond entertainment those channels don't really cater to black people (or any people of color, really). They aren't considered as niche or specifically catering to any particular ethnic group or subgroup because 'white' is considered the default.
  • FF: So... When do the asians get thier own channel? The indigenous? Eskimos?
  • Me: An excellent question. I wish I had an answer. Everybody deserves to be represented and have their voices heard; especially Indigenous peoples such as the Inuit and Aborigine whose voices have gone ignored and unheard for so long.
  • FF: What I'm saying is, its a double edged sword. black is equal, but you are standing there screaming " we are diffrent , we are diffrent!".... Entertainment should be exactly that. I don't watch tv or anything, but when I pick up a book, I don't go, " I think ill read this one for some white/ black entertainment. It doesn't add any value to the talent of the author. I read it because its good, or I put it down because it sucks(twilight).... Entertainment decisions should not be based on color.
  • Me: There seems to be a misunderstanding of the intent of my original message: EVERY marginalized person deserves recognition. When a marginalized group such as black people develop media geared specifically toward their people, it is not the place of the oppressive majority to question it. It is a privilege to consume media and not wonder if your truths will be reflected in them.
  • FF: I think you missed my point. Too busy feeling marginalized. I'll go be oppressive somewhere else.
  • Me: ...Okay?
  • FF: Look man, you and you see eye to eye on a lot of things, and I'm not saying you are completely wrong here(Country music television is white as it gets), but the approach here is all wrong, and still exemplifies seperatist thinking. I mean, what is the statement being made? "white entertainment isn't for black people?" "black people entertain other black people better than white people".... I'm hoping maybe I'm just not understanding something here and you can explain it to me better....
  • Me: I'm not talking about JUST entertainment: I'm talking representation in general. Are you saying white people or any other kind of people can tell the stories and show the lives of black people better or as well as black people? That colorblind thinking is another bastion of racism: why bother recognizing or celebrating our differing cultured if we are 'all human'. The basic fact is people of color in general are suffering from a muted or completely erased media presence. You still have white people portraying people of other races (Prince of Persia, The Last Airbender) while PoC remain bitplayers and villains. There is no equality. While some groups have it better than others, people who aren't white or white-passing are still getting shortchanged. So are other marginalized groups such as women. Media persence is lacking. White men still control the mass perceptions of these people.
  • FF: I think you are turning a blind eye to what is out there, choosing not to see the strides made. I mean, yes, the media is owned and run by white men, RICH White men. Are you saying that I am not as marginalized simply because of the color of my skin? I grew up in all black neigborhoods, I've always been poor, and not once have I looked at my black friends and said "you wouldn't understand, you are black. It's diffrent". You know why? Because its not. It's not diffrent. And you telling me not to be colorblind is incredibly racist in and of itself. "Entertainment doesn't cater to me because I'm black" is a cop out. It's an excuse for failure. "its not my fault I failed, its cuz I'm black and they wouldn't let me".... It's like a petulant child on a playground. Bernie Mac, mekhi pheiffer, omar epps, denzel, raven simone, Morgan freeman (still the sexiest man on the planet!), etc. Are you saying they are just flukes? I genuinely do not understand.
  • Me: I mean... Take... Someone who actually matters... How about, my favorite Physicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. There are two ways to look at it- He is awesome because he is black. That's bullshit. He is awesome because he is a killer physicst, and I love his work. Alternately, you could say, He is awesome in spite of being black, which is also a load of heaping shit. Blackness is not a handicap. It is not a learning disability. It is not curable via pill or prosthesis, it just IS. The thing that holds someone back is CIRCUMSTANCE. Being poor, lack of access to medications, educations, nutrition, etc. And yet with Dedication and hard work, some people make it. Hell, Obama is president, and there's no affirmative action policy for the presidency... So.... Why can't I be colorblind?
  • Me: I have one word for you: intersectionality. When I'm near a computer and not stuck on the phone, I will elaborate further.
  • FF: And whilst I await that, I will have a little Google of this "intersectionally" you speak so highly of....
  • FF: Ok. I read about it. I can see some points forming, but what exactly is your position regaurding intersectionality? What is the point being made?
  • Me: First, I must ask you to forgive me. As this is a cardinal concern of mine, what follows may seem incendiary, but I don't mean any harm. I merely want to give you a gist of what I'm talking about. Firstly, to your point about it not being different from you and the black children you grew up with. What you're talking about is economical; not ethnic. Yes, indeed, there are similar issues that affect poor people of any ethnic background, but are you benefited by certain privileges people of color aren't? Absolutely. If you don't understand this or if I have to explain this, I'll have to stop the conversation and disengage immediately because understanding privilege is of seminal importance to every other thing I'm going to say. Yes, rich wealthy white men run the world, but there are differing levels of privilege; hence my mention of intersectionality. For instance, I'm a male. Therefore, I have male privilege. I don't have to worry about walking home alone at night or live under the constant fear of physical assault. Being black, however, there are certain opportunities and circumstances that are not as easily accessible to me as they are to others. Even when someone says something is 'merit' based, things are often coded in ways that work against marginalized people (which includes ANY group outside of the het cis white Christian male group). We live in a kyriarchy that is geared towards the desires, thoughts, and beliefs of white men. Anything that attempts to shift that status quo is immediately met with derision, fear, and hate. That's often when people jump to conclusions, get defensive, and try to deny the privileges they so obviously have. Well, I say obviously, but it's not really so obvious to the people who have them because they don't realize as well as those without what it's like to live in a world that isn't seeking to make you feel safe, welcomed, or included.
  • Me: Second of all, I'm not sure I even understand that entertainment tangent because, as I've already said several times, this isn't ABOUT entertainment. This is about media presence in general. This is about how perspectives of people most presented, most prevalent, and most easily accessed. Are you saying things like Glee and Girls are accurate and fair representations of people of color, LGBTQIA people, women, or people living with disabilities? Are you saying the fact that white people can be found on every single channel, in every big blockbuster film, on every iPod and literally everywhere you turn as opposed to people of color who are usually background characters, sidekicks, or villains isn't an issue? What about whitewashing of media clearly containing people of color? The casting of the Last Airbender film, the proposed casting for Akira, and the incessant Hollywood remakes of foreign films...?
  • FF: Well, then I am clearly not the right person to understand the privilege that you speak of. I fail to see it presented in any aspect of my life. I understand the societal herarchy that you speak of, but it truly breaks down in socio economic circles like mine. You cannot claim privilege when there are none to be found.
  • Me: See, that's a problem. Can you look past your bubble of experience at least and recognize that white people as a whole have options and privileges that other people do not? Extracted from socio-economics, which I agree are important BUT not ubiquitous by any means?
  • FF: Black people aren't always the bad guys, and they are often the main characters in some damn good blockbuster flicks. As far as glee and girls are concerned, I don't know, I've.never seen them, but are you saying that the representations of minorities are NOT accurate? No black people live like that?
  • Me: Are you not even going to attempt to digest any of my points? Because if you're only going to deal in absolutes and your own experiences, nothing I say is going to matter to you whatsoever and it will just be another instance of a conversation like this being derailed.
  • FF: I would imagine in the upper eschelons of corporate jobs, maybe there is a skew, but among common people, no. We ALL go to public schools.
  • Me: The presumption that my original statement meant that "POC cannot be entertained by things created by white people at any time ever" was YOUR interpretation of my actual message which, simply, is this — white people who are in control of all facets of media, from print to film, local news to Hollywood, have no place telling a POC how to consume media or question the domains they eke out for themselves out of necessity in the name of creating ethnically specific media that purposefully relates to people who are treated as 'less than' and 'other than' by other outlets. The same way a man has no place in conversations about women's bodily autonomy, white people do NOT (or rather SHOULD not) question POC for wanting to have easy access to things that mirror and validate their existences. Black people watch MTV, VH1, and even CMT. White people watch and are often ON BET — that isn't the point and has nothing to do with the conversation. The point is WHAT PLACE do white people — benefited by centuries of viciously rampant colonialism and westernization — have in a conversation of POC about their experiences? How can someone who is seen as the default claim to be ostracized and erased by the very people they are marginalizing and oppressing?
  • FF: What you are saying is "black people have it worse because they are black." That's crap. Black people have it bad because.they are.poor.
  • Me: Right now, all you're giving me is rhetoric. I don't even think you're reading or thinking about what I'm saying.
  • Me: Oh great. There's the derailment.
  • Me: So, women don't have it worse than men because they're women? The system isn't built against them? There aren't preconceived notions about women with power and there isn't a marked difference in pay women receive compared to men? That's essentially the same argument you just made to me and I hope you realize that it is obviously false.
  • FF: I'm not saying the past doesn't exist. It does. But segregation ended half a century ago. All facilities are public, there's not better stuff for white people. It's all the same stuff these days. You make your own destiny.
  • Me: You act like I'm trying to offend you instead of wanting to engage in a true discussion about privilege and I am NOT here for that.
  • Me: That's nice. For you. You know good and well (at least, I HOPE you do), that it does NOT work like that for everyone.
  • Me: There are NOT equal opportunities for people of color for employment, education, housing, etc etc. Yes, it's better than it has been ever before, but that by no means makes it equal.
  • Me: I really don't understand what's so difficult to grasp about this concept.
  • Me: I don't even WATCH BET but I recognize the importance of its existence. I don't know if your question about Indigenous/Native, Asian, etc. specific entertainment was facetious or not, but those groups are horribly misrepresented and undervalued and they very well SHOULD have their own channels, films, and media companies.
  • Me: I can't say I'm surprised by your unwillingness to understand where I'm coming from; just disheartened and saddened.
  • Me:
  • FF: We are on the same page. I have to go. Good conversation! Must have another soon!
  • FF: Just because I do.t agree does.t mean I don't understand.
  • Me: That's strange, because if you understood I can't imagine why you wouldn't agree unless you simply don't care about the experiences of others.
  • FF: You are right Ren. I'm a heartless bitch because I don't see it your way. How dare I have an opinion that differs from your own. I'm so sorry. I'll go be oppressive somewhere else. God forbid someone have life experiences diffrent from your.own, thereby forming thier own ideas about the world. Oh, wait. That's right, I couldn't possibly understand, I'm not black. It's diffrent. As long as you maintain the attitude that someone is.keeping you down, you will stay down. It is a self imposed prison. Good luck. Namaste.
  • Me: I'm just going to post links that maybe you'll read but probably you won't.
  • http: //
  • FF: Don't bother. I'm not interested anymore.
  • Me: Of course you're not. That's how privilege works. You get to be disinterested in equality. Really enjoyed the microaggressions today. So enlightening.
  • FF: Right, because my disinterest is keeping you in CHAINS.
  • Me: Yours and people like you. That's the entire point. You can't take the focus off yourself long enough to even consider what I'm talking about. Because you don't have EVERY privilege rich white men have, you think you don't have privilege which is ridiculous and laughable and then you commence to try to tell a person of color how to feel about issues about race.
  • FF: I considered it and I disagreed, now that means I'm too self centered to understand? See, you keep making it " you don't agree with me so you are heartless and selfish and you don't care". You are wrong. I do care. I've lived my 32 years in the ghettos of St. Louis. I've watched my people tear apart the community and each other. I call them my people because they are the people of my upbringing. It doesn't matter what color they are. But then somehow the situation is all my fault because of the color of my skin? When I've spent my time in these streets, I've done dirt, been in the exact same places doing the exact same shit, but because my skin is white I couldn't possibly understand? What is there to not understand? It's not about color. It's about money! You think that the TV stations give a shit about the color of thier actors? No! They give a shit about what sells! So if Glee and Girls sells, that's what they show. When the Bernie Mac show sold, they showed it. That's the deciding factor. The almighty dollar. Now.I'm not saying it doesn't exist, because it does. The Republican party is all about some rich white men. And they won't let Obama get shit done, probably because he's black. But again, that's a bunch of rich, white, MEN. And maybe women are a bit marginalized too, but then again, if you want to build a brick wall, don't you wanna work with someone who can lift the bricks, NOT someone who thinks they are gonna break a nail? Blacks absolutely DOMINATE in the most popular sports, foot ball, basketball, etc. Am I being racist or realistic? They don't get the positions for being black. They get them for being the best atheletes. United Negro College Fund.... There isn't a united White people college fund.... There's governemnt grants and loans, but those are available to EVERYONE, reguardless of race. As long as you look at everything through race colored glasses, that's what you are going to see..... But I really don't get it coming from you. You are in college, you are making your way, you are doing way better than a lot of people.... And its not cuz ur black, its cuz you have a good head on your shoulders, maybe a strong, positive family force, and the money to attend college. You make it sound like its insurmountable its not. We all make our way in this world, where we get to us up to us.
  • Me: Not gonna touch the privilege denying and misogyny in that response. Just gonna post this:
  • FF: Wow. Ok. Yeah. Good luck.
  • After discovering this annoying creature un-friended me.
  • Me: Well, thanks for saving me the trouble. :)
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In Which I Lose Yet Another So-Called Friend Over Bullshit.

  • Me: "Some offhand comment about disliking Katy Perry's singing voice."
  • Her: I don't like Katy Perry but since most of your posts are critical of everything (books music PEOPLE government your job schools to name a few) try getting a job that will pay you to rant about the idyocincracies of people. Surely it would be more satisfying than the small (now 1 less) group of followers you have now. At least it would get you out of this town you "profess" to hate so much but haven't made any steps toward leaving
  • Me: ‎1.) I have a job. Admittedly not one I love, but I have one. 2.) I have been critical since you've known me, but considering this abrupt and overboard reaction I'm going to guess you never really knew or cared for me at all. 3.) It's not like we've really talked in ages anyway. 4.) Sorry I'm not sorry. And for the record I have made steps to leave, but I try to do things in a logical way and not in a way that'll leave me ultimately questioning every decision I've made in life, unlike some people. :)
  • Her: Nice rationalization for doing nothing to change your situation. Know this though it is because I care about you that I am willing to speak the truth and not coddle you as others do
  • Me: No one has been coddling me (or even talking to me) but no one's actually had any REAL advice for me either other than "just do it" which is all great and good for a soundbite but doesn't really work in the real world. I have been doing the best I can with what I've been given for a long time and right now I'm working to save to start the next segment of my life. Am I bitter because it's taking longer than I expected? Yes. Am I increasingly caustic and openly opinionated about the things I don't like? You're absolutely right I am and I don't see why I shouldn't be. Don't tell me what I am doing when you haven't even really bothered to try to talk to me in AGES and then pretend it's out of concern. If you decided so suddenly this was something I needed to hear, why not text me (ha! like you kept my number) or inbox me? Why try to be messy about it on my wall? I dislike very many things and it is my prerogative if I want to be as negative as I want to be.
  • Her: Okay so the truth hurts. You poor thing. Let's turn it around a bit and ask when was the last time you talked to me? I believe it was when you told me you believe I think I am better than everyone else. I don't but thanks for that piece of advice as I took it to heart and changed my ways. Do the same.
  • Me: No, the truth doesn't hurt... when it's the actual truth. When, where, and in what context did I tell you I think you think you're better than everyone else?
  • Her: Check your timeline. It is still there on my wall. I keep it there as a reminder.
  • Me: If you have such easy access to it, why not just copy and paste it? Why should I go digging for a comment that you probably took out of context because you've decided, out of the blue, to 'tell me about myself' when you haven't even acknowledged my existence in months? What amuses me most is that you're trying to couch this in an 'out of concern' argument when, really, it's a 'you complain too much and it's annoying me' situation. You didn't even know I had a job even though I've posted it on here. You act like all I post IS negative stuff, and while I do post a lot of not-so-happy stuff, that's a conflated exaggeration. Not to mention, like I said, if it was bothering you so much before hand there were better ways to let me know than just dive-bombing. I mean, it's not a complete shock because you kinda sniped at me for that THG comment in such a way I had a feeling it wouldn't be long before I lost another so-called friend, but really? Me having opinions bothers you so much you had to do this? I don't care what other people like, they're within their rights to feel and say whatever they want to... the same way I am. I don't think I'm better than everybody, but I certainly know I'm better than a lot. If that's arrogant, so be it. If you REALLY cared about me and my life you'd have shown it. I'm not going to change who I am to please anybody who so obviously thinks so little of me to begin with.
  • Her: Did you mean to say "coach" or "coax"?
  • Me: No, I meant to say 'couch' as in something expressed in language of a specified style.
  • Her: Like a sofa then?
  • Me: Yes, couch as in the word that is synonymous with sofa, with the basic underlying similar meaning being "to sit in/within/among".
  • Her: Great I've been looking for a new sofa
  • Me: It's the right time of year for some redecorating.
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“Don’t comment on my status to tell me that I’m wrong”.


god is fucking amazing. He even created the internet. And retards.

Meerrryyyyyy Christmas!

Retards are important.

I can’t. Really, I fuckin’ can’t. And this is almost exactly what my fucking feed looks like. Goddamn, people. Just…people. I can’t.

These are the same people who think humans are the favored animals and that a specific sect of humans is more important than another. These people think that the inhabitable conditions of the planet are that way BECAUSE of us, when it actually makes more sense to think that the inhabitable conditions are the only reasons we developed the way we did. I mean, c’mon.

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