MCMG fans might as well stop wishing for Alex Shelley to return, he has said numerous times he will never come back to them. Maybe TNA needs to stop screwing over guys for WWE has beens. Before they start losing guys like Aries again, Sabin and Styles.

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“I wish WWE would sign Alex Shelley.”

I miss him. :’(

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Alex Shelley, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Dolph Ziggler, and Zack Ryder all need to take turns fucking the hell out of me. I just want to have my whole body covered in their juices.

Did I submit this in my sleep? Because SAME/GPOY/MTE.
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How can you not ship them?

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Alex Shelley Leaves TNA


I’m not surprised with this. For my money, Alex Shelley was one of the most gripping performers on the roster, but it’s been years since they utilized him in any meaningful way. Wherever he ends up, I’ll be paying attention.

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His nipples are scary-tiny

Bite size.

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