It amuses me how angry people get about What Not To Wear.

Please realize that most of the people they’ve had on the show actually WATCH the show and know who they are and what they’re in for. If they didn’t want to get told the opinions (and, mind you, these are the prevailing opinions. That doesn’t make them ‘right’, but that does make them common and therefore widespread) of two ‘fashion experts’ (and whether you deem that title appropriate is immaterial), they shouldn’t have agreed to take the money. They weren’t forced at gunpoint to do the show.

They were told up front they were going to get trashed (both their wardrobes and their decisions that led to their wardrobes). I have no sympathy for them. In fact, when people are all defiant and angsty against them, I wonder why they just don’t walk off the show. If the only reason they are doing it is because of the people who nominated them, that seems a bit more problematic than a group of people trying to polish up a person’s outsides to boost their inner self-esteem. The point of the show is that this make-over is to HELP them get out of ruts they admit to being stuck in. Every PC watchdog is just chomping at the bit to complain. “So what if she wasn’t the best lolita?” That’s not the point. The point was she was wearing lolita to the office and her BOSS thought it was inappropriate.

I just find it so hilarious how angry people get.

I mean, hey, if it was a situation like Tim Gunn or Stacy London and what they said about Whoopi Goldberg, I get it. That kind of fashion critique is unwarranted. Whoopi don’t give a fuck. She dresses the way she does because she damn well wants to. If that’s your prerogative, that’s your prerogative… But these people agreed to being on the show. Were the bullied into it? I guess if you count feeling ‘obligated’ because of friends and family nominating them… but very few episodes are like that and those people almost always emerge feeling grateful for the experience.

Whatever, I love it and will watch the everliving fuck out of it anytime it’s on. If you don’t like it, don’t fucking watch it.

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