You know… this movie is over eleven years old and has become more and more relevant with each passing year. And the fucked up thing is… we let it happen. We sit back and we let it happen. Even stuff that starts off trying to battle back turns into this shit. The Chappelle Show, hip-hop, reality tv, BET… Everyday, in every way, all I see is people coonin’. Most of them don’t even know that they’re coonin’, but they are. It just makes me so fucking sad; then furious. I just don’t understand how the shit that gets by gets by unquestioned. Are people really that fucking oblivious? Strike that. I know they are. :(

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  3. howtobeterrell said: As long as there’s a market for NIggas, Niggas and non-niggas will shuck and jive and coon it up in niggerdom. It’s profitable and always has been. At the turn of the century minstrelsy was the most popular form of american entertainment.
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