Disney Animators’ Collection Mulan

Animator Mark Henn, who brought Mulan to life on screen, now envisions the Chinese Princess as a courageous little girl, daring to break the rules to bring honor upon her family.

  • Mulan is outfitted in a delicate cherry blossom print kimono with matching pants
  • Satin sash and hair ribbon
  • Molded slippers
  • Includes plush friend Little Brother with embroidered features
  • Inspired by Disney’s animated classic Mulan
  • Comes in collector’s display box featuring character sketches by the animators
  • Plastic/polyester
  • 16” H
  • Ages 3+
  • Imported
  • Part of the Disney Animators’ Collection, each doll sold separately

Item No. 6070040580058P

Disney Store Price $24.50

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    So I just think she’s the cutest ever, but kimono? Really? Those are Japenese aren’t they? ….. :/
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    Why doesn’t the doll look like Mulan, though? This doll looks more like that girl from ‘Brother Bear 2’.
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    The day White People(TM) actually grok that there’s an appreciable difference between China and Japan I will fall to my...
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    Why did they make her all cute and girly looking? Mulan was spose to be bad ass and breaking all the rules. Not braiding...
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    These dolls are interesting but also kinda creepy…mostly ‘cuz all of them besides Tiana just look like chibi versions of...
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    I was thinking the same thing! In one of the scenes in Mulan, they had a Japanese flag in the background. Am I the only...
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    One, this is NOT a kimono. That is not what a kimono looks like. And unless Mulan was the divine wind that defeated the...
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    Wat?! Disney fucked with a non-Anglo-Saxon culture? Shocking. Yeah, kimono ≠ Chinese. I mean I don’t even know why you...
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    wait did they really just put Mulan in a chèuhngsàam, tie an obi around it, and call it a kimono? Dishonor on your cow.
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    If the manufacturer’s description actually says “kimono,” then they are very confused.
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    i have seen a style of asian dress with that collar. im not sure if it’d still classify as a kimono, it possibly has...
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    I don’t think the collar looks like a kimono. I mean….. The wrap int he middle looks like what Mulan wore in her...