Because in our fucked up, ass-backward society only women are responsible for infidelity. It’s a huge moral failing because, of course, as women, they’re supposed to be the levelheaded ones. The sensible ones. Men can’t be held accountable for their actions because their dicks supersede their brains. This is why revealing clothing ‘makes’ men catcall, stalk, and sexually assault. This is why women are constantly punished for their sexuality while men are congratulated and praised for it.

It’s sexist, neanderthal bullshit.

Do I condone KStew’s actions? Absolutely not. Personally, I’m very traditional when it comes to my views on love, sex, and relationships… But that’s HER life and she has to live with the consequences; consequences, may I say, that ought not have anything to do with her career opportunities or be blasted to the public in tabloid rags.

I mean, if infidelity is such a horrible offense for one to commit and if one of the consequences is losing a job over it, shouldn’t the other party involved have to face the same punishment? But wait: that’s too much like right, huh?

I mean, I don’t know if this is confirmed yet or not, but it’s still incredibly shitty that this kind of shit still happens to women. As much as I don’t care for her, this reminds me of Megan Fox’s unceremonious dumping from the Transformers franchise. 

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    THIS ^^^ This is such bullshit omg
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    Old news. Stewart’s been confirmed for the sequel since December. She’s way too bankable post-Twilight not to include....
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    Getting conflicting stories on search, tbh. Yes, she’s dropped; no, she isn’t; and “What sequel?”
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    lbr for a second, though. KStew had no role in the first movie. She had all of 5 lines and spent the rest of the time...
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    The director who’s future movies I will not watch, and will spend no money on.
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