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Except that the OP is a survivor of sexual assault herself, and seeing as she’s been through both SA AND through racial fetishization, she is allowed to determine for herself in a PERSONAL POST whether she feels the two are alike FOR HER or not. And we, as other WoC who have ALSO experienced both are allowed to agree IF WE HAPPEN TO AGREE? Can you try NOT telling us that we’re wrong for agreeing when WE FUCKING FEEL THAT WAY BASED ON WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US? Can you try to NOT shame the OP for making a comparison that was valid to HER life? Can you STOP acting like she said “THIS IS HOW IT IS FOR EVERYONE, THE END”? Can a person VENT about their own personal trauma without you motherfuckers coming in to tell them that they’re doing it wrong? And bonus points to you for telling her how to deal with her own traumas. PERSON OF THE GOD DAMN YEAR.

You can (and will) do whatever you want. You can feel however you want… but the way that original statement was phrased was NOT cool. And so what if it’s a personal blog? People could STILL stumble upon it and be triggered (like I was). No one is telling you how to feel or how to vent or anything like that but I still think it’s pretty damn problematic to compare experiences like that. I still think that, fundamentally, that is wrong. I understand being triggered and being taken right back to feeling the way you did when it happened… but it ISN’T happening again. It isn’t JUST like it. I’m sorry if I offended anyone but I really don’t agree with that stance and I don’t understand how so many people can defend it. NOTHING is just like SA EXCEPT SA.

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    I don’t deal with this on a racial level like some people have/do but I do understand that some words can feel like...
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    Yes Yes Yes. Just yes…..
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    i cut this down because some of the conversation was just… really upsetting for me, in terms of how they were treating...
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    Wow. I saw this post earlier and just said to myself, “YAS! Omg, I feel you.” I know I shouldn’t be, but those responses...
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    and something else I noticed while reading through the reblogs on this seems like the people who automatically...
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    Except I wasn’t telling her how to cope, like AT ALL Also, I DON’T follow her. Somebody else I follow reblogged her...
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    You don’t get to police a survivor trying to survive. PERIOD. It triggered you, seeing her talk about her being...
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    So, what you’re saying is that it’s cool to trigger people because that’s how you experience it? Only YOUR feelings...
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  15. teddybearkennedy said: The original post wasn’t even comparing sexual assault to racist verbal assaults, though. It was comparing sexual assault to being spoken to in a exclusively sexual context, fetishized, and thereby left indefensibly objectified and vulnerable.