In Which I Lose Yet Another So-Called Friend Over Bullshit.

  • Me: "Some offhand comment about disliking Katy Perry's singing voice."
  • Her: I don't like Katy Perry but since most of your posts are critical of everything (books music PEOPLE government your job schools to name a few) try getting a job that will pay you to rant about the idyocincracies of people. Surely it would be more satisfying than the small (now 1 less) group of followers you have now. At least it would get you out of this town you "profess" to hate so much but haven't made any steps toward leaving
  • Me: ‎1.) I have a job. Admittedly not one I love, but I have one. 2.) I have been critical since you've known me, but considering this abrupt and overboard reaction I'm going to guess you never really knew or cared for me at all. 3.) It's not like we've really talked in ages anyway. 4.) Sorry I'm not sorry. And for the record I have made steps to leave, but I try to do things in a logical way and not in a way that'll leave me ultimately questioning every decision I've made in life, unlike some people. :)
  • Her: Nice rationalization for doing nothing to change your situation. Know this though it is because I care about you that I am willing to speak the truth and not coddle you as others do
  • Me: No one has been coddling me (or even talking to me) but no one's actually had any REAL advice for me either other than "just do it" which is all great and good for a soundbite but doesn't really work in the real world. I have been doing the best I can with what I've been given for a long time and right now I'm working to save to start the next segment of my life. Am I bitter because it's taking longer than I expected? Yes. Am I increasingly caustic and openly opinionated about the things I don't like? You're absolutely right I am and I don't see why I shouldn't be. Don't tell me what I am doing when you haven't even really bothered to try to talk to me in AGES and then pretend it's out of concern. If you decided so suddenly this was something I needed to hear, why not text me (ha! like you kept my number) or inbox me? Why try to be messy about it on my wall? I dislike very many things and it is my prerogative if I want to be as negative as I want to be.
  • Her: Okay so the truth hurts. You poor thing. Let's turn it around a bit and ask when was the last time you talked to me? I believe it was when you told me you believe I think I am better than everyone else. I don't but thanks for that piece of advice as I took it to heart and changed my ways. Do the same.
  • Me: No, the truth doesn't hurt... when it's the actual truth. When, where, and in what context did I tell you I think you think you're better than everyone else?
  • Her: Check your timeline. It is still there on my wall. I keep it there as a reminder.
  • Me: If you have such easy access to it, why not just copy and paste it? Why should I go digging for a comment that you probably took out of context because you've decided, out of the blue, to 'tell me about myself' when you haven't even acknowledged my existence in months? What amuses me most is that you're trying to couch this in an 'out of concern' argument when, really, it's a 'you complain too much and it's annoying me' situation. You didn't even know I had a job even though I've posted it on here. You act like all I post IS negative stuff, and while I do post a lot of not-so-happy stuff, that's a conflated exaggeration. Not to mention, like I said, if it was bothering you so much before hand there were better ways to let me know than just dive-bombing. I mean, it's not a complete shock because you kinda sniped at me for that THG comment in such a way I had a feeling it wouldn't be long before I lost another so-called friend, but really? Me having opinions bothers you so much you had to do this? I don't care what other people like, they're within their rights to feel and say whatever they want to... the same way I am. I don't think I'm better than everybody, but I certainly know I'm better than a lot. If that's arrogant, so be it. If you REALLY cared about me and my life you'd have shown it. I'm not going to change who I am to please anybody who so obviously thinks so little of me to begin with.
  • Her: Did you mean to say "coach" or "coax"?
  • Me: No, I meant to say 'couch' as in something expressed in language of a specified style.
  • Her: Like a sofa then?
  • Me: Yes, couch as in the word that is synonymous with sofa, with the basic underlying similar meaning being "to sit in/within/among".
  • Her: Great I've been looking for a new sofa
  • Me: It's the right time of year for some redecorating.
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